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Fans react: What went wrong vs. Cowboys

12 November 2018 Uncategorized

Losing to the Cowboys is tough, especially after what we saw last night. I took to Twitter yesterday to see how everyone is feeling after last night’s loss and here are some of the better responses.

I think we do have to make some coaching changes. Not Pederson but something. We need to run the ball more and not get cutesy with it. We need wayyyyyy better o-line play and healthier secondary. Still can make wildcard but it’s an uphill battle. Stupid loss. 

— Tristan Tucker (@T0928Tucker) November 12, 2018

He’s right, the offense just is not clicking and a lot of that has to do with the run game. Last night, the Eagles only ran their running backs 14 times and produced just 58 rushing yards out of them. Right now it is just not good enough.

The next one brought some heat to the equation.

Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has struggled all season. I think it is partly due to injuries on the defensive line and secondary, but regardless, he is not calling good plays. That 3rd and long prevent stuff have to go. As for Wentz, I think he became predictable yesterday because he was pressured a lot so he was reading the play really quickly. But, even so, he needs to work on his craft more, that’s for sure. 

Tying into the previous one.

This is by far one of the biggest takeaways from this season. The Eagles cannot convert on big downs and are allowing opposing teams too. Situationally, the Eagles are off this season.

The fact the Eagles offense struggled so badly is alarming and Brandon caught wind of that.

Three points……. THREE POINTS. The Eagles only scored three points in the first half against a defense that was not only flawed, but just not that good. Their linebackers are really good, but the Eagles had matchups all over the field. Inconsistent play calling and lackluster play on the field after a bye week is scary. 

Josh Adams led the team in rushing yards with just 47 yards on seven carries. John thinks he needs to run.

And yes, John is right. Adams averaged almost seven yards a carry and the Eagles just stopped using him. I remember he broke off a huge run and right after it, the Eagles took him off. He’s a very promising player that never gets going because of his misuse. Regardless of him, the Eagles need to use their running backs more.

Looking ahead, the Eagles need to get better. As Armando points out, it isn’t going to get easier.

The offensive line is clearly nowhere near what it was last season Can’t consistently run the ball Defense continues to allow ridiculous 3rd & long plays With a 1st place schedule & gms at Saints At Rams left It’s gonna b very very tough now

— Armando ?????️‍♀️ (@LakersCanes305) November 12, 2018

The Eagles offensively have been very inconsistent and poor and the roads only getting tougher as the schedule gets a lot harder. If the Eagles cannot beat the Cowboys at home, how are they going to do against the Saints and Rams away?

And as Colin points out, It is the whole team! (Nice reference)

The Eagles really need to get their act together as the season starts to come to an end. No one wants to say it now but they are still very much in the divisional race. Yes, it is going to be tough, but we cannot count them out. After a loss like last night’s, it is a little discouraging and that is where there’s this place to vent. 


Photo Credit: Joe Lamberti/Courier Post