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Game Recap: Eagles fall to 2-3 on the year after 23-21 loss to Vikings

7 October 2018 Eagles News

The word execution is starting to become really familiar in the city of Philadelphia. 

The Eagles dropped to 2-3 on the season after falling to the Minnesota Vikings 23-21. A late burst also had the Eagles back in the game, but it wasn’t enough. 

Much like last week, today was more of the same. The Eagles gave up easy yards to the Vikings in the air. If the Vikings didn’t miss two field goals, there’s no short lived comeback in the end. The Eagles still had their chances, but the dice have not been rolling their way this season.   

Luckily for the Eagles, there’s been no signs of any dominant team in the division so they still have time to figure it out. But much like everything, time is dwindling. 

The Eagles just aren’t playing good football right now and that’s just a fact. Urgency was a theme this week for the team and today there was none. It’s sloppy football all over the place. Missed opportunities, penalties and play calling is all reasoning for the bad play. Right now, everyone is accountable for their actions. 

It’s time for the Eagles to step up. The defending Super Bowl Champions need to start playing the level they are capable of. The Eagles don’t have time anymore to play the way they are playing right now. Once this team hits a grove they’ll be okay, it’s just when will it happen. 


Photo Credit: USA Today