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Brian Dawkins’ Hall of Fame Enshrinement Marks Final Stamp on Lasting Legacy

5 August 2018 Eagles News

Legendary safety Brian Dawkins proved to be one of the most electrifying athletes to ever play the game of football. Dawkins’ accolades include nine Pro Bowls and four First Team All-Pro selections during his 16-season NFL career. His performance on and off the field showed everyone who he truly was, a devoted man to football and the people he loved.

Dawkins spent most of his career with the Philadelphia, a place where he is considered one of the greatest if not the greatest player to ever suit up in an Eagles uniform. His leadership and passion for the game created for himself a platform where he stands as highly regarded and loved by fans from all over.

Not every career is perfect, though. As a player, Dawkins played in but never won a Super Bowl (although he did receive a ring for the 2018 Eagles team as an Executive of Football Operations for player development). He struggled through depression and endured pain daily as a player. He went through plenty of injuries that held him back during certain points in his career. He was never perfect. However, he strove for perfection and became a role model for people all around him with the help his teammates, coaches and family. 

When talking about greatest players to play the safety position, Dawkins’s name will be mentioned with players like Ronnie Lott and Ed Reed forever. The conversation of Dawkins being a top-3 safety in the Super Bowl Era and top-5 all-time will no longer be considered a strange thought. He proved himself through his hard work and dedication to his craft that he is one of the top dogs in that department.

Now inducted and enshrined into the NFL’s Hall of Fame, “Weapon X” will be forever remembered as one of the greatest safeties, players and people to play the game of football.

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