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EaglesCamp Three things to know: As camp heats up, a few players are beginning to emerge

31 July 2018 Eagles News

Although today’s session feels like a day ago already, they’re still three things you need to know following it and without further ado, here they are.

1. A Pumphrey revelation

Donnel Pumphrey was drafted with so much promise, but he missed last season with a hamstring injury. Now he’s back and he’s ready to take over the league.

However, the road isn’t going to be easy for Pumphrey as he’s in a big camp battle for his position. One thing going in his favor is he’s a Swiss Army knife of a player. He can return kicks, run and lately he’s been getting certain looks in the slot as a receiver. Being able to catch might just be his saving grace. Going forward, he’s an interesting player to watch.

2. Sudfeld looking really good

The Eagles have the best quarterback situation in the NFL by ten miles. Not only do they have Carson Wentz and Nick Foles, but they also have a quarterback by the name of Nate Sudfeld. Sudfeld has been making strides this camp and is catching the eye of a lot in the NFL and media.

It’s definitely a thing to watch going forward. There’s no guarantee he remains an Eagles after this season. One of the two, Foles or Sudfeld will likely move on after this season and there’s no stopping either of them if they want an opportunity to start.

3. Hicks is back

Jordan Hicks is back and looking better than ever. Suffering a pretty nasty injury, Hicks is fully recovered and looks really good.

Today he was getting looks all over at WILL linebacker as well as his normal middle linebacker role. Having him healthy is a big boost for the defense, let’s hope he can stay healthy.

Camp is just starting to heat up. Be sure to keep tuned in to @4thandJawn for the latest coverage and race to the 53 man roster.


Photo Credit: Lori M. Nichols NJ.com

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