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Building off a successful season, Eagles WR Nelson Agholor is set to thrive again

21 June 2018 Eagles News

After having a breakout season last year, Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor is set to take over the league this season.

We know the story, one that makes Agholor’s season last season so much sweeter. He’s always had the skill, speed and ability, but lacked the confidence. This season, he was able to gain confidence and by doing so, he was finally unleashed. 

After just finishing a Super Bowl winning campaign which saw him catch 62 passes for 768 yards and eight touchdowns,  Agholor was one of the best stories this season not just for the Eagles, but in the whole NFL. But, after seeing this great success, Agholor is not going to get complacent. 

Agholor’s playmaking ability was demonstrated time and time again last season. He was a menace in the slot and when he caught the ball, he made defenders miss. He’s a very elusive player who is really quick both in his route running and with the ball in his hands. The Eagles were finally able to put Agholor in a position to succeed.

Building on his success and confidence gained last season, Agholor is set to thrive this year. He’s proven he can be a go to target for the Eagles and he’s only going to get more looks. In the playoffs last season, we saw the Eagles move Agholor around and use his skill set to their advantage. Agholor is going to be a main feature in the Eagles’ offense this upcoming season.

The Eagles offense is always evolving and with the run pass option, Agholor is always going to get open quickly, making him the easy go to target. All but 16 of his yards last season came in the slot. He’s a deadly slot receiver who can be moved around. In the Eagles’ system, Agholor’s skill set suits exactly what they are doing, which is a big reason for his success. 

Building off of last season, Agholor is set to thrive this season for the Eagles. Yet again, there will be a hike in his production. It’s nice to see the Eagles are finally able to get the best out of Agholor. What’s next for him? Training camp is around the corner, which means the season is almost here. Although Agholor doesn’t have anything to prove this camp, he’ll have a big say in who wins their slot cornerback battle. 


Photo Credit: Rich Schultz/Getty Images