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Schwartz on Nickel CB: “you will see a lot of different players in there”

29 May 2018 Eagles News

From the early looks of it, the Eagles are going to try various players in the slot during the springtime.

For now, it’s best that the Eagles start looking at their depth and the competition for the slot CB gig. At first glance last week, we saw Sidney Jones manning the slot early on, but who knows Jalen Mills could be the guy come season time. While it’s only OTAs and early on in the offseason, look for the Eagles to cultivate some real competition heading into training camp.

“There’s not a set depth chart right now,” Mills told the Eagleswire. “We’re just out there competing right now. Let the coaches decide where guys are going to be.”

On paper, Mills in the slot with Sidney Jones and Ronald Darby manning the outside or swapping Jones for Mills on the inside seems like the strongest group at first glance. However, all the cornerbacks are rotating at nickel in training camp. Right now, Mills, Jones, Bausby, and Killings are in line right now to man the slot from the looks of it. That doesn’t mean rookie 4th rounder, Avonte Maddox, is out of the competition by any means.

“You’re going to see a lot of different guys in there,” Schwartz said. “You’ll see Jalen Mills at times, you’ll see some other players like D.J. Killings, who was here last year, (De’Vante) Bausby’s been in there, Sidney (Jones) was in there. … It’s sort of cross-training a lot of different guys.”

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