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Is Carson Wentz a future GOAT? Former NFL QB Dan Orlovsky thinks so

16 May 2018 Eagles News

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky has been making his media rounds as of late and recently he stopped by Good Morning Football where he talked about the next “GOAT.” In his eyes, the next player to be labeled ‘GOAT’ is none other than Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

Orlovsky lives in Philadelphia and has seemed to catch a bit of the Wentz fever. He mentioned the fact that Wentz has the most completions in his first 24 starts (540) and his incredible 33 touchdowns and seven interception sophomore campaign when calling him the next greatest of all time.

But more telling than that, Orlovsky compares Wentz’s off the field situation to some of the other “GOATS” saying,

“What helped those guys (Manning, Brady, Montana) become GOATS was really good play-callers and incredible general managers. Brady had Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick as a general manager. Joe Montana Bill Walsh and John McVay. Peyton had Tom Moore and Bill Polian.” 

And, when you think about it, he makes sense. Other than Wentz’s pure ability, he’s set up really nicely with a coach that understands him and a general manager who continues to build a team around him.

Doug Pederson has done a phenomenal job not just with Wentz, but with the Eagles as a whole. He was the perfect coach for the job and the perfect coach to take Wentz to where he is now. And, a lot of the Eagles success goes to general manager Howie Roseman who was able to turn over the roster left by Chip Kelly, In just two seasons, the Eagles were rebuilt and Super Bowl Champions.

Wentz has a long way to go before labeling his the greatest of all time, however, if he stays the course and the Eagles are able to go on a run the next few years, watch out.


Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports