What the addition of LB Paul Worrilow brings to the Eagles

4 April 2018 Eagles News

Is he going to be fighting for starting time or is he just going to be a veteran leader in the locker room?

Rather than losing just valuable on field ability this offseason, the Eagles lost a few key locker room guys too. Bringing in a guy like linebacker Paul Worrilow brings back that leadership you are looking for and helps boost the culture. But, hold it right there, he can also be a valuable player for the Eagles.

Let’s first break down his statistics in the NFL. He has played in 72 games in the NFL, but has started just 52. In his first two years in the league he recorded 127 tackles and 143 tackles. Since then, he has follow off a bit and most recently with the Detroit Lions, he had 30 tackles. The key here is he is always around the ball and making tackles. So for the Eagles, he can be a valuable rotational linebacker and one on special teams.

The one weakness he brings with him is his average covering skills. However, with the Eagles his role is not going to be putting him in too many situations where he will be left one on one with a running back or wide receiver. After losing linebacker Najee Goode to the Indianapolis Colts, Worrilow is almost a perfect replacement for Goode who was a big contributor on special teams and a great depth linebacker who always stepped up for the team.

Being from Delaware, Worrilow is home and more motivated than ever. The Eagles have had a lot of success with signing players to one-year deals. There is a real possibility Worrilow thrives in the smaller role the Eagles will give him and once again the Eagles will have hit gold.

This signing is definitely one of those low risk, high reward moves. There is not much invested by the team and in return they get a linebacker who not only contributes on the field, but also off of it. He’s been a captain for the Falcons, he’s recorded over 100 tackles twice and he’s proven himself as a player. It was not hard for the Eagles to make the decision to add him, let’s hope he pays off.

Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images