Is Alshon Jeffery even human… after further review, no

21 February 2018 Eagles News

After catching two touchdown passes in the NFC Championship game and one in the Super Bowl, Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery was riding a pretty high wave. The media was starting to put him in the conversation as one of the league’s elite wide receivers. Today, we found out there is another reason why he should be in that conversation.

After completing a year which saw him catch 57 passes for 789 yards and nine touchdowns; today we found out he did it all while having a torn rotator cuff.

This is the same injury which caused Eric Decker to miss most of last season for and his’ was only partially torn. Having this kind of injury makes it extremely difficult for a wide receiver to do his job because moving your arm up and around becomes painful and tedious because of the shoulder injury.

Jeffery played in every game and came up big for the Eagles in the biggest moments. If you did not have respect for him then, you do now. To be able to fight through that injury is impressive, no one even knew it was that extensive of an injury.

After having such a successful season, Jeffery proved he can play and definitely showed the Eagles he has what it takes by playing through that injury. He earned the 4-year, $52 million contract extension he received. It is almost like the best is yet to come with Jeffery because he was not even fully healthy this year. Props to him for playing it out this season and helping the Eagles win the Super Bowl.


Photo Credit: Tom-Pennington Getty-Images