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The Eagles are in Minnesota, ready to finish what they have started this season

29 January 2018 Eagles News

All season, without a doubt about, the Eagles have been the best team. They played all year to get to this point. Now here, the Eagles are up against a dynasty, which has dominated the league for the past two decades. But, the Eagles have unfinished business with the Patriots and there is something about this Eagles team this year that tells us, they will finish that business this coming Sunday.

Offensively, the Eagles have been very good this season and defensively, the Eagles are the best. When adversity hit the Eagles this season, they fought through it and overcame it. This is a story for the ages, but one that remains unfinished, another page is still to be written.

It is up to the Eagles to write the remaining pages and there will either be a happy ending or a heartbreaking one. The Eagles have not come this close to lose and we know for a fact, they will not go down easily. Right now, the media gives them no chance to win, but if you are the Eagles, you are fine with that. For the past two playoff games, the Eagles were not given a chance and they overcame the odds.

This season has a storybook feel to it, the team from Philly who had it all going for them, lost it, and still overcame the odds to achieve the ultimate crown in all of football, the Super Bowl. Standing in their way is the mighty Patriots, but for the Eagles sake, like all season, the only thing they have to worry about is themselves because if they play at the level they are capable of, not many teams can hang around them.