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NFL’s recent Facebook post proves it really is Philly vs. Everybody

19 January 2018 Eagles News

Well, NFL you did it again. You showed the cards in your hand a bit too early. The NFL posted on their facebook page saying you could win tickets to the Super Bowl to see the Patriots vs. Vikings… and I’m not kidding.

Since the post has caught the wind and has been seen, the NFL has taken it down. However, it was still up on their account for quite some time.

So, here is a message for the NFL and anyone who doubts the Eagles, does not like the Eagles and is rooting against the Eagles. We do not need you and we do not care what you think. The Eagles are perfectly fine being the underdogs and same goes towards the city. I could not think of a worse city to mess with because in Philly you mess with one of us, you get all of us. The NFL might not realize this now, but you are messing with the wrong team. There is going to be 70,000 Eagles fans at the game, ready to cheer away their souls for the good of the team and those are not the fans you went on your bad side. All season, the teams’ motto has been, “We all we got, we all we need” and right about now, there has been no other motto which fully resembles a teams’ season. It seems everyone, including the NFL,  wants to see the Eagles lose and the Eagles are ready to prove those people wrong