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Eagles need to unleash the run game in order for playoff success

4 January 2018 Eagles News

Playoff football is right around the corner for the Eagles and without a legit passing attack, it is time for them to unleash their secret weapon.

During the three-game stretch which saw the Eagles field Nick Foles at quarterback for the injured Carson Wentz, they averaged 84 rushing yards a game, which is way below their season average up until that point. Although the way the Eagles are defended has changed, they still were wary of the run. It was almost like they knew Foles needed the repetitions and the confidence so instead of running they threw every play.

It is a good thing that they are not changing the offense because of Wentz’s injury, however, they could change up the play calling. Waiting to be used is Jay Ajayi, LeGarrette Blount, Corey Clement, Kenjon Barner and even Wendell Smallwood. That is five running backs capable of starting for the team and rushing individually for 100 yards.

Like stated before, defenses have moved in on the Eagles and are stacking the box, begging the Eagles to throw. But, even with a stacked box, the Eagles have the necessary offensive line and the running backs to nullify that type of defense’s effect.

Running the ball and keeping drives alive is the key to success, especially in a win or go home games. The Eagles are going to have to find a way to run the ball or use it as a way to get the offense going again. The Eagles do not have Wentz anymore to make his magical plays, however, but they do have Foles who could get the team in manageable situations in which they could run the ball in. The run game is what is going to win the Eagles games in this most crucial of times. Without a run game, the Eagles are going to be seeing the same offensive performances they have been seeing for the last couple of games.


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