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Bring the NFC playoffs outside for a Philly fight

13 December 2017 Opinion


You already know the news so I’m not gonna tell you what happened. This article is about what we, the Philadelphia Eagles and their die-hard fans are up against moving forward.

We’re going to hear we have no shot, no chance without our MVP. As an outsider, I would almost agree that it’d be hard to get anything done without your star QB in the lineup on Sundays. But I’m not an outsider and neither are you. I know more about the character of this entire roster than just the names on it.

This is a committed team effort moving forward. Eagles players will need to elevate their game to bring the playoffs to Philadelphia and it is obtainable. Win two games, focus on the competition one week at a time. Every man must do his part to secure these victories.

With a chance at a first round bye and home field advantage through the playoffs, the Eagles must fight to make it happen. The Linc is where other team’s hopes and dreams come to die. There is so much potential opportunity to disrupt teams and with so much at stake, being in Philadelphia for the playoffs is the best shot our birds have at getting to the big game.

Most of the NFC playoff teams are either in warmer-weather cities or play in domes. The advantage of bringing them outside for a fight in the cold goes to the Eagles.

Let’s not lose sight that everything is still very much in the Eagles’ control if Nick Foles can keep this team rolling.

This is just another thumbtack for our bulletin board. Let’s prove them all wrong.

We all we got. We all we need. #FlyEaglesFly

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