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Now better equipped to take down the Seahawks, Carson Wentz and the Eagles look to make a statement

3 December 2017 Eagles News

Last season, the Eagles went to Seattle, a team in rebuild. With a rookie quarterback, the outcome of a loss was expected. Now, the Eagles have loaded up the Wentz wagon and are ready to take Seattle by storm.

The whole vibe this Eagles team gives off is a complete 180 from last season. The take every game one at a time and they trust what they are doing. There is not a moment I can look back on this season where I did not see a confident team who trusts in themselves. Even looking back at the Eagles only loss to Kansas City, they were in it all the way and fought all the way to the end.

Last season, the Eagles showed promise and Carson Wentz was just beginning to show us all he was the real deal. However, when the Eagles played Seattle, the Wentz wagon was left derailed and the Eagles were demoralized. However, it is a new dawn and a new day in Philadelphia. The Eagles have loaded up the wagon with weapons and are ready to hit Seattle full steam ahead.

Against the Seattle defense, saying Carson Wentz was a sitting duck last season is an understatement. He was without a legitimate wide receiver, a run game, and Lane Johnson. However, this season is an opportunity to send the league a message, going to a hostile environment will not faze the Eagles. Although the Seahawks will be without Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and a few others, playing in Seattle is still never easy. But now more than ever, the Eagles are equipped to go to Seattle and beat them.

The Eagles are riding a nine-game winning streak and are fully confident in themselves. It has been mentioned a few times, but playing in Seattle is not an easy task, but the Eagles are equipped to do so. Tonight, when the Eagles take on the Seahawks they will be fully prepared to take down the Seahawks on their home turf.


Photo Credit: Steve Dykes/Getty Images

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