Who is Best Equipped to Stop the Eagles?

28 November 2017 Eagles News Opinion

The Eagles have won their last three games against the Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Chicago Bears by a combined total of 119-35. That is pure domination. At 10-1 entering Week 13, the Philadelphia Eagles are the team to beat and its not even close. The team in the City of Brotherly Love are living up to the “Brotherly Love” standards. Every player seems to be unbelievably close, locked in, and all on the same exact mission. No team in the NFL is closer than these Eagles, and I fully believe that. This is why they can make it to the Super Bowl.

Although they gave up only SIX rushing yards to the Bears on Sunday and looked like they virtually had zero weaknesses, the Eagles are not invincible and can be beat. So, which team is best equipped to stop the Eagles? A team, first and foremost, will have to have a good quarterback, and an offensive line that will protect him. They will also have to have a good front seven with an effective pass rush. Most importantly, they will have to have depth. It is very hard to find a team with all of those things. So, let’s see who is best equipped to stop the Eagles on their road to the Super Bowl:


The Minnesota Vikings are tied with the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers for the second best record in the NFL, but there is just a difference in those three teams. Although the Vikings are on an impressive 7-game win streak right now, I just don’t see them as a true threat to the birds. The Vikings rank 6th on the ground in the league, and it helps quarterback Case Keenum tremendously. If the birds can shut down the Vikings effective run game like they have shut down everyone else all season long, it will only favor gang green. Keenum will not be able to win without a run game. However, they have an elite defense that might be the best equipped to stop Philadelphia’s offense.

  • Threat Detector: 7


The Steelers have multiple mismatches on offense, but they haven’t looked as impressive as their record shows. They had to knock through a last-second field goal to beat the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers on Sunday Night Football last week. However, the Steelers do have Big Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown. This trio can put points up on the Eagles defense. But the real question is; can their defense stop Philly’s offense?

  • Threat Detector: 7


The Rams do a tremendous job of balancing the run and the pass. Jared Goff is playing incredible and Todd Gurley might be the best running back the Eagles will face all season long. On the defensive side of the football, the Rams are giving up a lot of yards on the ground. Aaron Donald is almost a one man army on the defensive line. This game is the game the Eagles will need Jay Ajayi and LeGarrette Blount to make their presence felt.

  • Threat Detector: 7.5


The Patriots would meet the Eagles in the Super Bowl… The Patriots will be tough to stop through the air, but other than that, they show many weakness. On the defensive side of the football, they are historically bad for their normal standards. Ranking 23rd against the run and 31st against the pass, it looks like an extremely favorable matchup for the highest scoring offense in the league. However, it is Bill Belichick and it is Tom Brady. So, be careful what you wish for.

  • Threat Detector: 8


The Falcons have officially hit their stride, and that is not good news for the Eagles. Julio Jones is a matchup nightmare that the Eagles secondary does not want any part of. Luckily, it will be very challenging for the Atlanta defense to stop the Eagles offense. This game would be a shootout, and would depend on which defense could get the most stops.

  • Threat Detector: 8


The Saints were on an impressive 8-game win streak after starting the season 0-2, but that streak came to an end this weekend at the hands of the Rams. I am still not completely sold on the New Orleans defense, but the offense might be the best the Eagles will face. Drew Brees is a Hall of Fame quarterback who has multiple weapons. Sean Peyton and co use Alvin Kamara exactly how they should, and it is terrifying the duo him and Mark Ingram have become. The Eagles run defense would have to show up huge against NOLA.

  • Threat Detector: 9


We will all find out a lot about the Eagles on these next couple of road trips to Seattle and Los Angeles. Both the Seahawks and the Rams are playoff-caliber teams, which should present challenges for the birds. If the Eagles  show us anything in these matchups that they have shown us thus far, it will show us that they are the team to beat in the NFL. As I see it right now, no team in the league is closer than the players in midnight green, and no team has fewer weaknesses than gang green.

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