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What a time to be alive: Eagles continue to roll, improve to league’s best 10-1

26 November 2017 Eagles News

The Eagles completely dominated the Chicago Bears, leading to a commanding 31-3 victory. The Eagles defense stole the show, allowing less than 150 yards on the day.  On a day where some were saying the Eagles had to avoid the “trap game,” the Eagles made a clear statement, if you come into a game less talented and hungry, the Eagles will put you away.

For the third straight game, the Eagles starters did not even have to play a snap in the fourth quarter. With the game well in check, the Eagles allowed Nick Foles and some of the backup players step in for a quarter. It is a real testament to how good a team is when they do not have to put any starters out there at the end of the game.

On a realistic note, the Bears were not a good football team. However, the Eagles did have some mistakes like a few fumbles by LeGarrette Blount. The mistakes did not come back to bite them, however, against a better team they might, as well as they 11 penalties committed today.

But, that was the offense, on another note, the Eagles defense was lights out, holding the league’s fifth-best rushing attack to just six yards. the Eagles defense is playing its best defense and each week they seem to get better.

Moving onto next week, the Eagles will be heading to the west coast to take on the Seattle Seahawks. No one is playing better than the Eagles and expect them to bring this same swagger to Seattle next week.


Photo Credit: Eagles