Stupid Tweets: Cowboys Fan edition

15 November 2017 Eagles News

Welcome to my new series where I dissect tweets about the Philadelphia Eagles. Since it is Dallas Week we are going to be looking at tweets by Dallas Cowboys fans. Let’s get into it.

First up.

This aged well. This dude made a whole thread this offseason about Carson Wentz being a bust. He took all the time to create and look up gifs just for Wentz to completely tear up his work in season two. Wentz not only leads the NFL on third downs and in the red zone, he also leads the NFL in touchdowns and has the catapulted the Eagles to the best record in the league.

Next up.

As if Dak Prescott is the only reason the Cowboys won last season, I thought football is a team game. If he was that good, how come excuses are made when they are missing players due to suspension and injury, by this logic, Prescott is the only reason they win. Prescott had 13 wins last season, but remember, the loses do not count for anything against him.

Now, let’s look at a quick video from the face of the Cowboys fan base, Skip Bayless.

Let’s not forget the Eagles are missing their starting left tackle and middle linebacker. Let’s also not forget all the other injuries the Eagles have had. It is funny seeing the injury card being played by Skip Bayless. And it is kind of funny because the Eagles were in a situation just as bad as the Cowboys, but the Eagles dealt with it.

This is a really funny one

I just want to first note that this person is so obsessed with Carson Wentz that they made a username dedicated to him, that is pretty funny. But, the thing that is really funny is he questions Eagles fans IQ for having the leading MVP candidate in 2017. Let’s just say, this tweet has not aged well.

This guy secretly loves Carson Wentz.

Although he is right, the Cowboys got really good value in Dak Prescott, the notion that the Eagles gave up a lot for Carson Wentz could not be anything further than the truth. With everything the Eagles gave up, the Browns got  Corey Coleman, Shonn Coleman, Cody Kessler, Derrick Kindred, Spencer Drango, Ricardo Lewis, and Jordan Payton, Jabrill Peppers and DeShone Kizer, as well as a 2nd in 2018. The Eagles got a franchise quarterback who is the NFL’s MVP candidate, and the Browns got literally nothing in return.  Also, the Eagles got their first-round pick back from the Vikings for Sam Bradford. So, essentially the Eagles never lost a first-round pick and turned it all in Wentz and Derek Barnett.

Last but not least.

This tweet literally proves absolutely zero. Eagles fans say Dak Prescott benefits from a good offensive line and run game. If that wrong to put that on a quarterback to be in that situation, yes, but if you cannot admit that, you are blind.IIt is not Dak’s fault his team was built for a quarterback to have success, however, when you take away that run game and a piece of that line, he struggles.

Being that it is Dallas Week, I just wanted to poke fun at some of the wilder takes on Twitter. This is a big game for both teams and if the Eagles win, they will have a four game lead on the Cowboys. As always Fly Eagles Fly, let’s hope the Eagles leave Dallas victorious.