The 700 Level visits the 4th and Jawn Tailgate!

19 October 2017 Eagles News

The 700Level show sent over Marisa Pilla to find out what all the hype was about with our 4th and Jawn tailgate.

The Mighty Erock, who is a professional tailgater, was kind enough to give her a tour through the 4th and Jawn tailgate to show Marisa how a tailgate is really done in the F1 parking lot.

Marisa was so impressed with the tailgate…she gave 4th and Jawn an A + grade for overall atmosphere! Hats off to the 700th level for showing the tailgate some love.

If you still haven’t been to a 4th and Jawn tailgate this season, make sure you get down to see us in F1!

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