Humble yet Hungry

18 October 2017 Eagles News


Almost halfway into the season and the Philadelphia Eagles are red hot. The offense is clicking, the special teams is fluid, and the defense is forcing turnovers. There is no doubt that the defensive line is elite, the linebackers are tackling machines and the safeties are covering well, but the most underrated group on the Eagles defense is the cornerbacks.


What has been unmistakably the weakest position on the Eagles roster for some years, is now thriving off of the performance of the rest of the defense. One player in particular who is excelling at his position is Eagles cornerback Patrick Robinson.


I was able to interview Robinson in the middle of the Eagles long 10-day rest coming off of a Thursday Night Football win against the Carolina Panthers. (Quotes used in this article are direct quotes from Robinson via phone conversation).


Robinson has been playing lights out whether people want to admit it or not. He has 23 tackles, two of which are tackles for loss, eight passes defended, two interceptions and one blocked kick through six weeks. Not to mention his coverage ability in the slot and outside does not get accounted for in the statistics department. “I’m not the bragging type,” Robinson said when I asked him about what he thinks of his statistics so far. “Stats are nothing but a distraction. Gotta stay focused on football.”


As a free agent pickup, Robinson’s performance has shocked the Eagles nation as well as the rest of the league. When asked what he has done that has allowed him to perform so well on the field, Robinson said that he is being more consistent with his preparation. “As far as film, I’m doing more studying than I used to. I’m more comfortable out there.” No doubt Robinson’s habits are directly reflecting his performance on the field.


So far, Robinson is performing at an All-Pro level and is determined to keep his focus on this season alone and isn’t worried about his previous years in the league. “I’m trying to have this tunnel vision and not think about the past,” Robinson said. “That’s pretty much my mindset.”


Robinson’s agent gave this statement about the Eagles cornerback:


Patrick is a very low key family guy who is all about his family. He loves to win and loves to play at a high level. Last season was shot because Patrick had a sports hernia that needed to be fixed. He couldn’t run or play the way he is capable of.


Robinson received several criticisms as a free agent because of his performance during the Eagles training camp and because he was coming off of an injury. What many people forget is that Robinson is a first round talent. Injuries have set him back but he still possesses the talent he had when he was drafted back in 2010.


Right now Robinson is in a position to help his team achieve the one goal that every team wishes to do at the end of the season: win the Super Bowl. I asked Robinson about how far he thinks he and the Eagles can go this year and this was his response: “If we keep playing on this high level, then we’re definitely going to be a good team.”


“One week at a time” is always the theme in the NFL given that anything can happen on any given day and the Eagles have ten more games to play so there is still a long way before the season is over. When asked where his focus lies for the remainder of the season, Robinson said this: “Getting better each week is the main goal.” At this point in time, Robinson has proved that he is growing as a player and that is performance level is increasing as the weeks go by even in his eighth season in the league.


One thing to take away from Robinson’s play this year so far is that he has never quit. His past seasons and injury history have not stopped him from being the best player that he can be and Eagles fans should be excited (if they aren’t already) that Robinson is playing at a high level for one of the best teams in the NFL right now. There are plenty of things to be excited about for this Eagles team, and Patrick Robinson should be right at the top of that list.