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Warning to the rest NFL, you might want to stop blitzing Carson Wentz

17 October 2017 Eagles News

First third downs, now the blitz, the NFL is not learning.

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is unlike any other because, in those very tough moments, he thrives. Not only is Wentz the best quarterback in the NFL on third down, he is also a pretty darn good quarterback versus the blitz.

Almost 40 percent of Wentz’s touchdowns this season have come when he is blitzed by the opposing team, so actually, you know what, keep blitzing him. In all honesty, Wentz has been impressive versus the blitz, he has the composure and awareness which is really rare in this league.

Blitzing Wentz does not faze him. Wentz is constantly staying in the pocket and keeping his eyes downfield. He trusts his offensive line and the weapons he has to throw too. With all those weapons, he knows it is a matter of time one of those weapons will get open, which makes it a little easier for him to sit in the pocket.

But, what really makes him good against the blitz is the fact he knows it is coming. He does all the film and he knows the tendencies of the defense. It is a rare occasion if Wentz does not see a blitz coming and change the play.

Last week, the Panthers blitzed Wentz 24 times, a career high. At first, he was hit a few times, but eventually, it settled down and Wentz went to work on their defense. Here is a sample of what I’m talking about.

Wentz is still progressing as a quarterback, but the fact that he gets a lot of his statistics and big plays when it matters most is impressive. That is what you want to see from your franchise quarterback.


Photo Credit: MATT ROURKE / AP