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The winning formula: How the Eagles will beat the Chiefs this Sunday

15 September 2017 Eagles News

Everyone is counting the Eagles out versus the Kansas City Chiefs already, but when you look further into it, the Eagles have a great chance  of winning this Sunday.

Firstly, if you watched the Chiefs beat the New England Patriots you saw two exceptional things occur, a Kareem Hunt and Tyrek Hill explosion and a defensive masterclass. However, already after week one, the Chiefs defense lost a fundamental member of their defense and team, Eric Berry and knowing that already, the Eagles have a spot where they will expose them.

Tight end Zach Ertz feasted last game catching eight balls for 93 yards. He was Carson Wentz’s go to guy and was a big part of the offense. Last week, the Chiefs and mostly Berry did a great job eliminating Rob Gronkowski from the game, but versus the Eagles they will not have that luxury. Ertz will be as free as he was versus the Redskins.

Defensively the Eagles will have their hands full with Hill and Hunt, however, there pass rush is much better than the Patriots. That alone will tell you Alex Smith will not repeat that performance this week. But, other than that, a few broken down plays by the Patriots resulted in big touchdowns and big plays by the Chiefs. Not taking any credit away from the Chiefs, but it is almost like that game was the perfect storm. They just clicked very well on both sides of the ball, at a level the Chiefs and Smith has never done before.

However, the Eagles actually match up very well with the Chiefs. Their defensive line will bring a lot of pressure and help stop the run, their linebackers will neutralize Hunt in the receiving game, especially Jordan Hicks. The Eagles need to stop Hunt from running wild if want to win, because a Hunt break out will open everything for the Chiefs. Last week the Eagles only gave up 64 rushing yards, however, they did give up a big play to a running back in the passing game. They need to work on that this week in order to stop Hunt. Against the run, the Eagles usually do fine, however, they need to work on defending running backs in the passing game in order to win this game.

Offensively, the Eagles have a healthy line, receivers who are confident, a tight end in a favorable match up; the only thing that would effect the Eagles would be their lack of run game.

Self explanatory, but the Eagles need to establish the run to stop the defense from getting to Wentz. The run game will keep them honest and guessing. Defensively, if the Eagles neutralize Hunt and stop him from exploding again Sunday, this game is in their favor. It puts all the pressure on Smith and with a defense like the Eagles, it’d take them in that matchup every week.

The winning formula is there, the Eagles just have to execute. Fly Eagles Fly.

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