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Eagles take proactive approach to 2017 offseason

5 September 2017 Opinion

True to their species, the Eagles went out to proactively find their prey this offseason.

You look at Howie’s handling of things this offseason after no waiver wire claims and no trades during the primetime for most NFL teams ready to take on the season. Most beat reporters and fans, myself included, swore a trade was imminent this past weekend. So being inactive in this crucial time frame seemed curious until I took a step back.

Howie got value out of the guys he saw no future with and traded them early on in the offseason. Guys like Allen Barbre, Matt Tobin, Terrence Brooks, Jordan Matthews and Jon Dorenbos were traded for upgrades at weaker parts of our game and/or draft picks ahead of when other teams were thinking of making moves. Howie got out in front of it all to make his moves.

Over the past weekend, I was a bit shocked Eagles didn’t trade for anyone but less surprised by the decision not to claim anyone on the waivers. The truth is, I really like the roster. It took a lot of time to whittle down to 53 while balancing talent now and future potential. I think this team has a lot of talent. The roster doesn’t need another shake up after players have been told they made the 53. Howie and Co. are happy as is because they had already made their best moves.

The challenge that comes with trading or picking guys up now is they are behind on your schemes and playbook. Our guys have it. Proof in the practice squad being almost entirely former Eagles from camp. They know and are understanding of what it takes. This fact alone allows for the devotion of the organization to be getting younger guys and the rookies developed.

I’ll admit I was not that thrilled to see the team ignore the tackle position in regards to depth but you have to hand it to Howie, he stuck to his guys. They aren’t picking up the scraps of other teams as they have in the past. They sought out guys and traded for them proactively. I actually found myself feeling more excited than ever knowing this team is set. In recent history, the ground always felt shaky but these are our 2017 Philadelphia Eagles.

Let’s stick to our guys as we know our organization knows what and who they are in terms of talent and potential, Let’s get excited for another season of Eagles football. Fly Eagles Fly!


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