Eagles have work to do

17 August 2017 Opinion

Thank GOD it is only preseason because the birds have some work to do.

If there is one thing this Bills vs Eagles preseason game provided to the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles, it’s the tape.

We realize as fans you don’t game plan for the opponent in preseason; however, there are a lot of areas for improvement.

You trust reporters to tell you how the Eagles are looking in training camp. Example: Marcus Johnson is the real deal. You love him with no real proof as to why you should. He was unremarkable for the most part during tonight’s game. Bryce Treggs showed more versus a playoff-contending team last week (away versus Green Bay) and some still think Johnson is a lock to make the team over Treggs. It’s great to SEE the team with your own eyes. With record breaking open practice attendances, it is obvious fans wanted to get a taste for the Eagles and what to expect going into a new season.

Jason Peters was unable to start due to a death in his family so Lane Johnson took reps at left tackle, where his contract suggests he will move to eventually.  Johnson clearly will needs more work there if he is expected to take on that role one day. We, as fans, have been spoiled by Peters at left tackle for too long.

Blount was slow out of the gate. I would have liked to see him do more; however, as he got carries, you saw the guy he could be (outside the fumble). Preseason can be sloppy but you do not want to see your main running back making such an error in live action.

Preseason is such a tease. By the time your starters are starting to show what they are made of they are pulled from the game. It is also a wise move. Allow players to work off the rust while limiting injuries. All in all, I consider this a game to learn from.


  • Weak run game by the first string offense, they struggled to move the chains both in the passing and rushing attempts.
  • First string defense looked solid so who are the weakest links?
  • Mychal Kendricks showed up and proved his worth as a linebacker on the roster.
  • Derek Barnett’s got his 3rd sack of preseason and continues to impress. Should he be starting over Curry?
  • Ronald Darby picked off his former team but can he consistently finish plays?
  • Corey Clement and Byron Marshall flashed while Blount looked unimpressive and Smallwood sat out. What players make the final 53 roster cut?

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