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Report: Jordan Hicks injured hand while on honeymoon in Greece

30 June 2017 Eagles News

 Broken first by Jimmy Kempski of Philly Voice, Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks has injured his hand while on honeymoon in Greece.

In Kempski’s article, he goes on to say, “The exact severity of Hicks’ injury is not yet known, as he has not yet gone for X-rays in Greece, where he remains for now. However, he did send video of his hand, performing an array of motions for team doctors to view. The Eagles do not believe the injury to be overly significant. A source with the Eagles explained that even if it is broken, the likelihood is that it would only be about a four-week injury.”

This is the second player to get hurt before the season even started. This is why we cannot have nice things in Philadelphia.

What are the chances of our star linebacker possibly breaking his hand while on honeymoon?

All jokes aside, Kempski thinks it will only be a four-week injury if it is broken. That would mean he would just miss the beginning of training camp. So, when it is all said and done, the injury does not seem too big of a deal.

Without Hicks, the Eagles linebacker group is not looking too good. The Eagles lack depth at the position and would not be able to fill the void left by Hicks.

The Eagles need to keep Hicks healthy going forward and make sure he does not go anywhere near Greece in the near future.