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Philadelphia Eagles 2017 OVER/UNDER Season Predictions (Offense)

9 June 2017 Eagles News

Members of the 4thandJawn team have come together to give their predictions on whether the Eagles offense will be over or under the following statistics.

Carson Wentz will throw for 3,700 passing yards, 25 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions.

Brendan Walker (@BWalkerNFL): OVER – Carson Wentz has been given everything for him to succeed this offseason. A better wide receiving corps, a steady backfield and an offensive line with depth will allow him to exceed these numbers.

Lee (@Nelson81): OVER – With the addition of Alshon Jeffery, chemistry with Ertz, Matthews and even working out with Agholor in the offseason, Wentz will throw over 3700 yards. He’ll have his share of picks, over 10, but he should see at least 9 more touchdowns

Dustin Habecker (@Habecker_NFL): OVER – Carson Wentz passed for more over 3,700 yards last year, so I’ll take the over on that. With the added offensive weapons I’ll take the over on the touchdowns as well. Unfortunately, Wentz will have a hard time staying under 10 interceptions, so give me the over on all three.

Brett J. Pietrzak (@BPietrzak01): OVER – I see Carson Wentz as over on all of those things, I think Wentz will start the season a little slow, because he has new receivers. I think that is why the interceptions will be higher. I think Wentz will be driving the ball down the field more and take more risky deep shots. If he can complete them, he could easily hit 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns.

Ryan Neal (@Rwilliamneal): OVER – Wentz has a lot of weapons now. The Eagles have given him a great group of WRs, TEs and even RBs to throw to. I think he will move the ball around a lot and eclipse the 4,000-yard mark this year. I think the touchdown and interception numbers seem very possible, but I can see them varying a little too.

Jacob Fulkerson (@theJFulkerson): OVER – Carson had a solid season throwing the ball in terms of yardage, but his touchdowns were really low. There were several touchdowns dropped last year. Next year he will certainly improve.

LeGarrette Blount rushes for 900 yards, 10 TDs.

Brendan Walker (@BWalkerNFL): UNDER – I see the Eagles offense being a pass first offense in 2017. The added running back help in veteran Blount does ease some pressure, but Wentz will be wanting to throw more than handoff with the new receiving corps he has.

Lee (@Nelson81): OVER/UNDER – Blount is going to be a goal line and short yardage hero for the birds. I don’t think he’ll see over 900 yards but I definitely see him pounding the ball home at least 10 times.

Dustin Habecker (@Habecker_NFL): OVER – My personal prediction for Blount was 800 yards and 10 Touchdowns. However, in order to reach 900 yards, Blount would need to average just under 60 yards a game. Give me the over on both.

Brett J. Pietrzak (@BPietrzak01): UNDER – I give Blount an even on touchdowns. I think 10 is the perfect number. Sproles and Smallwood could steal some and I think we will see tons of Pumphery. When it comes to the goal-line; however, It is all Blount. I think I would also go under on yards for the rotation I stated earlier.

Ryan Neal (@Rwilliamneal): UNDER – Going into the season, I would not bet on Blount’s yards as we do not fully know what his role will be. He can easily be just the Eagles 3rd down and red zone guy.

Jacob Fulkerson (@theJFulkerson): OVER – LeGarrette Blount is going to be the premiere back for the Eagles. Mathews had nine touchdowns and he missed several games because of injury. This is a better player with more touches coming his way.

Alshon Jeffery has 1,000 receiving yards, 8 touchdowns.

Brendan Walker (@BWalkerNFL): OVER – This is in fact “the World of AJ.” He is in a better situation than he was with the Chicago Bears and because he is on a one-year deal, he will be wanting to exceed expectations going into a contract year.

Lee (@Nelson81): OVER – Alshon Jeffery is healthy. He’s not suspended. The man can put up 800 yards on 12 games. I can’t wait to see what he does with a full season on a young budding team. Over eight touchdowns and 1,000 yards for Alshon.

Dustin Habecker (@Habecker_NFL): UNDER – This may surprise some, but I’m taking the under on both of these. Wentz will have plenty of options, so I think Jeffery will come in just under these numbers.

Brett J. Pietrzak (@BPietrzak01): OVER – Alshon Jeffery is the toughest Eagle to predict because of the health-related issues. If healthy, he can easily have 1400 yards. I think I am going with over on yards and even on the touchdowns.

Ryan Neal (@Rwilliamneal): OVER – I think the Eagles are set to be a throwing team this year. With that being said, Jeffery is Wentz’s number one target, so I can see him being even more productive than those numbers. Also, taking his contract situation into note, I think he is in for a really big year.

Jacob Fulkerson (@theJFulkerson): OVER – I know, my optimism may be my downfall, but if anyone is going to meet the “over” it’s going to be Alshon. Barring any injuries, Alshon should be one of the better receivers in terms of production next season. Mike Groh knows how to make him a better player and it’s going to show in 2017.

The Eagles will average 360.0 total yards/game in 2017.

Brendan Walker (@BWalkerNFL): OVER – An explanation? Really? The Eagles had one of the worst passing offenses in the league and still were roughly under 20 yards than the statistic above. New additions will help the Eagles reach above the 360 yards per game.

Lee (@Nelson81): OVER – Last year, the Eagles averaged 337.4yards per game without a strong running game or a reliable receiving weapon. With the addition of a great receiver like Jeffery, a deep threat in Torrey Smith, tough running Blount, and a young promising draft class, they will surpass 360 yards per game.

Dustin Habecker (@Habecker_NFL): OVER – The Eagles offense in 2016 averaged 337.4 yards per game. The pieces added in the off-season will make up that 23 yards. Give me the over.

Brett J. Pietrzak (@BPietrzak01): UNDER – I think that 360 is a tad high. I would bet the under because of the west coast system and because I’m concerned with how fast-paced the offense is. I’d say 310-330 would be my prediction

Ryan Neal (@Rwilliamneal): OVER – 360 yards is a lot for an offense, but it is possible. Last season the Eagles averaged around 340 a game. We know their offense was not too good and they had that number. Now with a revamped offense, they should be able to get over 360 yards a game, the Colts did it last season and the Eagles have a better offense than them.

Jacob Fulkerson (@theJFulkerson): UNDER – I don’t expect the Eagles to win with their offense. A few scores and maintaining a high TOP is how the Eagles will succeed in 2017. If the Eagles manage 3 scores and 330+ yards a game, the defense should be capable of finishing the job.

The Eagles offense will Top-10 in total offensive yards on the season.

Brendan Walker (@BWalkerNFL): OVER – It isn’t typical for a team who was at the bottom of the barrel to suddenly jump to a top team in one-year. However, this past offseason was one of the best in Eagles history in my opinion.

Lee (@Nelson81): OVER – To be a Top-10 offense in 2016, the team had to average around 25 more yards per game. I think this is definitely achievable.

Dustin Habecker (@Habecker_NFL): UNDER – In 2016, the Eagles ranked 22nd in total offense. While the offense is much improved, I don’t think they jump into the top 10, so I’ll take the under.

Brett J. Pietrzak (@BPietrzak01): UNDER – The offense will take some time to develop, but in the end, they will be dynamic. I think I would go lower on though cause of the possible early season struggles and Doug Pederson’s play calling. I see them at 11-13 in offense.

Ryan Neal (@Rwilliamneal): OVER – Like stated before, if the Eagles get over the 360 mark per game, they will be in an exclusive category. Not every team can do it. If they do that, they will be good enough to be a top ten offense in terms of yards.

Jacob Fulkerson (@theJFulkerson): UNDER – The offense is still going to be a layered scheme that builds upon itself throughout the game. If one phase isn’t working, it’s likely that a portion of the playbook won’t either. If Pederson opens the whole playbook up to Wentz in his second year, then it should be a different story. I see the Eagles finishing around the 12-15 range.

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