What it would take for the Eagles to sign Jeremy Maclin

8 June 2017 Eagles News Opinion

When a former player hits the market, immediately the idea of a reunion is the topic among fans. So, when Jeremy Maclin hit the market after being released, he was connected to the Eagles. However, in the Eagles current situation, a move for Maclin might not even be possible.

But, then those rumors and connections gained some serious traction when ESPN’s Adam Schefter confirmed that the Eagles are indeed interested in Maclin.

However, is a move for Maclin even possible?

Doing some research we can see that the Eagles currently have just about $2 million in cap space, according to Over the Cap.com.

So, how would the Eagles be able to sign a player of Maclin’s quality?

To get enough money to sign Maclin to a one-year deal, the Eagles would have to make some cuts. We already know players like Ryan Mathews, Mychal Kendricks, and Marcus Smith are in the hot seat at the moment. If the Eagles were to cut all of them, they would save around $6.8 million.

Adding that $6.8 million to the $2 million the Eagles have, then they would be able to afford Maclin on just a one-year deal with no long-term commitment.

Although, adding Maclin might not be the right move and that is not all just due to the money factor and making cuts. Right now, the Eagles have a ton of players who are due new contracts next year, and two of them are wide receivers (Alshon Jeffery and Jordan Matthews).

In my opinion, it is better to allocate your resources to the in-house players who will be here long-term with Carson Wentz. Let’s face it, Maclin is not going to beat out Jeffery for the number one spot and at 29 years old, Maclin won’t to be around much longer.

Signing Maclin would push younger guys like Matthews, Nelson Agholor, Mack Hollins and Shelton Gibson down the depth chart, potentially hurting their development for the future.  Not to mention the holes on the roster it would create with the multiple releases it would require.

Maclin was a great player and will always be appreciated for his great years in Philadelphia, however, in the teams’ current state, it just does not make sense to give him a contract and roster spot. You see what it would take and what the side effect would be to signing him. So, would you sign Maclin if you were the Eagles front office?


Photo Credit: USA Today Images

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