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LeSean McCoy on Maclin: “Don’t be surprised” if he lands in Buffalo

5 June 2017 Eagles News

Former Eagles RB LeSean Mccoy mentioned to reporters yesterday at a charity softball game that he wouldn’t be “surprised” to see Jeremy Maclin in Buffalo.

“Not to brag, but I was the first guy he talked to when the news broke,” McCoy said. “I kind of understand because I’ve been through it. Maybe not to the extreme of being released, but being traded. That’s basically telling you, ‘You’re not good enough for us.’

“I understand that. He was hurt, but I played with him and I know the guys in the locker room and I know he can help us out tremendously. I’ve been doing my recruiting already. Don’t be surprised if it happens.”

At the moment, both McCoy and Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor have co-signed on the idea of Maclin being Buffalo, according to Shady.

“Actually Tyrod, he texted me when it happened,” McCoy said. “I was flying in. I had just landed. Tyrod was like, ‘Hey get me on the phone with Mac.’ That would be cool to have another weapon in the offense, but you never know. A lot has to work out for that to happen. You know how the business goes.”

HuffPost Sports Columnist Jordan Schultz notes that Buffalo is already in “preliminary talks” with Jeremy Maclin. The Buffalo Bills have an estimated $12.3 million left in cap space, with more than enough room to sign Maclin.

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