Marcus Smith needs a reality check

31 May 2017 Opinion

I’m not one to voice my opinion so much, as I try to stay unbias. However, this story has lit something in me and I have to get this off my chest.

Marcus Smith, who enters his fourth season with the Eagles is a no-show at OTAs. Usually, this is no big deal because these OTAs are voluntary, however, this is a twist with this case.

Recently, Smith had his fifth-year option on his rookie contract denied by the Eagles. It seems that has upset him. Since then, Smith has changed his number, lost contact with the team and has been a no-show.

I get it, not knowing your future can be scary, however, having your option declined should light a fire under you, make you want to prove your worth and show it. It is not a good look missing OTAs and basically losing contact with the team. If a release is to happen, what is this behavior showing other teams?

Let’s face it, there is no production. With just four sacks in a very bust worthy career, teams would only take a flyer on a guy who they think would come and work hard. But, missing OTAs does not give off that image.

Being totally honest, I liked what I saw from Smith last season. He had just as many sacks as Vinny Curry, was good on special teams and when he was in at defensive end, he looked lively.

No way did he or has he lived up to his draft status, I do not think he ever will. But, we are looking at a player with the ego of a player that has.

Smith will show up to mandatory camp, but his hand was played. The Eagles now know what it will be like with Smith this season. The fire they hoped to light never caught. Smith seems to want out from the team that gave him the chance.

These stories in some ways are sad because the potential was there, but like I said before, the fire was never lit. There were sparks, but they never caught into a flame.