Where’s Marcus Smith?

23 May 2017 Eagles News

Another player was not there when the Eagles took to the field today for the beginning of their OTAs workouts.

Everyone, Doug Pederson included, failed to notice Marcus Smith was missing today when the Eagles kicked off their OTA workout program.

(Insert he has been missing since 2014 joke).

These workouts are voluntary, so it is possible he is just holding out on them. However, it would not be a good look for a player who had his fifth-year option denied. Smith will become a free agent next season unless the Eagles resign him.

The Eagles can also release him, which would save the team around $1.5 million.

The writing is on the wall for Eagles DE Marcus Smith

It is unclear why he did not attend today’s OTA, but for a player who has been a bust, it is not a good look, if the reason is not a good one. But, it seems like the team is unaware of the situation, so this story is alarming.

We are not in a position to judge Smith because we do not know what is going on, but, come September, we can judge him if yet again, he does not perform.


Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco