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LeGarrette Blount brings the ground and pound back to Philly

20 May 2017 Eagles News

If there is one thing the Eagles needed, it was a physical running back.

And, they got exactly that when they signed former Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount.

Earlier this week, the Eagles signed Blount to a one-year deal worth up to $2.8 million, with a base value of $1.25 million and incentives worth around $1.55 million.

This move means one thing, the power run game is back in Philly!

Blount is a big back, standing six feet tall and weighing 250 pounds. However, do not let those numbers deceive you, he is just as athletic and nimble as any running back in this league.

Blount can do just about everything that any back in this league can do running the football. One thing worth mentioning, he had more rushing touchdowns last season (18) than the Eagles had as a team (16).

The impact of Blount goes much further than touchdowns. Last season,  the Eagles were one of the worst short yardage teams in the league. The Eagles ranked 27th in first down percentage, 21st in yards per every carry, 26th in first down rushing percentage and last in rushing plays for negative yards.

Blount is going to fix all of that. He is a physical runner known for picking up those short yards when the team needs them the most.

When you look at the Eagles last season, there was no short yardage running back and no go-to running back in the red zone. In an offense where the team is always rotating their running backs, there is no perfect complement to the shifty pass catching back Darren Sproles than Blount.

When it is late in the game and the Eagles are looking to kill it off, they now can hand it off to Blount. When it is 3rd and 1, they can hand it to Blount. And, when they are in the red zone, call in Blount. The Eagles now have a beast on their team and his name is LeGarrette Blount.


Photo Credit: Bob Breidenbach/ Providence Journal