The Eagles and the Reuben Foster dilemma

26 April 2017 DRAFT Eagles News

The NFL draft is tomorrow and no one knows which direction the Eagles are going in.

At their position in the draft, the Eagles have the ability to take the best player available. In many cases, Alabama Reuben Foster will be the best player on the board when the Eagles are on the clock.

However, there has been some conflicting reports regarding Foster and the Eagles. Let’s break down those reports regarding Foster.

Firstly, Elliot Shorr-Parks reported the Eagles are very interested in Foster.

In his article, he states the Eagles are very interested in Foster, but he does not think he will be on the board when they pick.

“If the Alabama linebacker is on the board at No. 14 overall, the Eagles will strongly consider taking him. In fact, if I was confident he was going to be on the board, I would have him much higher on this list — maybe even No. 1. 

Realistically, however, Foster likely isn’t going to be on the board at No. 14. Yes, there are some red flags, but Foster is too good, and too many teams in the top 10 like him, for him to slide all the way down. 

One thing, however, is clear — the Eagles’ interest in Foster is real. Certain, high-up members of the Eagles front office are hoping Foster will be there at 14, and if he is, will push hard for him to be the pick.”

The interest is real with Foster, however, with him being such a talent, he is unlikely to fall to 14 even with the diluted sample at the combine.

On this instance, it seems the Eagles are really interested in Foster and if he falls, he will be their pick. But, there are conflicting reports.

When asked about the Eagles drafting Reuben Foster, Jeff McLane said “no way.”

These are two beats with inside information and they have totally different opinions on Foster. There is no doubt talent wise Foster is a top ten pick, however, like McLane said, he does have some character concerns.

It is worth noting, the Eagles recently met with Foster this week. And, it seems players have been scouting him too. Brandon Graham said he loved Foster and his game.

When you go and look at the information on Foster, you are left wondering how interested the Eagles really are. Some reports say a lot and some say not at all. Drafting Foster would give the Eagles one of the best linebacker corps in the league, but will the Eagles pull the trigger if he falls?

Photo Credit: SI.com