CB Sidney Jones plans to be ready for this upcoming season?

21 March 2017 DRAFT Eagles News

According to former Washington CB Sidney Jones he plans to be ready for this upcoming season.

Unfortunately, only two thirds of NFL players ever comeback after tearing their achilles. The ones that do come back, usually aren’t the same player they were before injury. The reality is, it could take some time for him to get back to his “Sidney Jones” self. However, teams still interested in his services will have to figure out where they value the Washington prospect as we move forward to the draft.

I wish nothing but the best for Sidney and Kudos to him for having an optimistic view for his return. Right now, it seems that Jones’ range could be somewhere in the mid rounds. ESPN Insider Adam Shefter noted that Jones could be running in about four months. So, we’re basically looking at mid June at when Jones can actually run again. Interested NFL teams stay tuned.

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