Should the Eagles trade down in the draft? Bill Barnwell of ESPN thinks so

24 February 2017 DRAFT Eagles News

What would you do with the Eagles’ first round pick? Bill Barnwell of ESPN thinks the Eagles should trade down in the draft.

Here is what Barnwell had to say.

“The Sam Bradford deal blessed the Eagles with a 2017 first-round pick they weren’t expecting to have after trading up for Wentz, but Philadelphia needs to stockpile more picks and acquire more young talent on rookie deals. The Eagles had no second- or fourth-round picks in last year’s draft, although they had two fifth-rounders and three seventh-rounders.

More disconcertingly, the 2014 and 2015 drafts just haven’t delivered much talent to the Philadelphia roster. Jordan Matthews is the only starter to come out of 2014; first-rounder Marcus Smith has barely played, and third-rounder Josh Huff was cut after being arrested for DUI during the season. The 2015 draft delivered solid middle linebacker Jordan Hicks, but first-round pick Nelson Agholor has become a symbol of Chip Kelly’s personnel issues, and second-rounder Eric Rowe was dealt to the Patriots after one season. The Eagles need a young core to grow alongside Wentz, and they’ll feel the absence of those disappointing classes.” (Via http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/page/Barnwell5Moves2017NFCE/bill-barnwell-five-moves-nfc-east-team-make-2017-nfl-offseason)

When thinking about it, is this really such a bad idea?

Let’s say, the immediate skill players are off the board. (Dalvin Cook, Mike Williams, Corey Davis, Sidney Jones and Teez Tabor) Instead of reaching on another player, the Eagles are in a good spot to trade down. Other positions will be on the board. However, with the Eagles first two picks, the really should only target cornerbacks and wide receivers/play-makers.

Lucky for them, both positions are pretty deep in this draft, especially cornerbacks. If the Eagles play it right, they will be able to recuperate all of their lost picks, while still grabbing the best players on their board. They can possibly add another second round pick. Imagine that! The second round is always filled with talent.

They could trade down and grab a player like O.J Howard, John Ross and Quincy Wilson. All three of those players can be just as impactful as the players they missed out on. Also, this let’s the Eagles have many possibilities in the second round. The cornerback group in this draft is very deep, the Eagles can grab solid corners from the 2nd round on.

Really, this move allows the Eagles to get all their picks back. If they are not comfortable with their pick and feel they are going to force it, trading down is not a bad option. Personally, I would not, if Davis, Williams or Cook are there. However, I would not be mad if they traded back either.


Photo Credit: Chuck Anderson-USA TODAY Sports