Will past mistakes dictate this off season?

4 February 2017 Eagles News

Lately, the Eagles have missed on a lot of players. When the Eagles let go of players like Jeremy Maclin, Desean Jackson, and Trent Cole, they were expected to be replaced immediately. However, as we sit, the Eagles have yet to still fill the voids left when those players departed.

Right now, the Eagles need a cornerback, and a wide receiver badly. Those positions were addressed, but players drafted/signed have not worked out. Because of that, the Eagles might be hesitant to address those positions in the same manner as before.

Wide Receiver

When the Eagles lost Jeremy Maclin, he was replaced by Nelson Agholor. Agholor was said to be the perfect replacement for Maclin.

We all know where this story goes, Agholor has been one of the Eagles worst receivers over the last two years. Watching Agholor, you can argue, he does all the hard work and runs good routes. However, every time his number is called, you are left closing your eyes hoping he makes the catch.

Recently, Howie Roseman spoke about how he believes receivers need time to develop. He alluded to Agholor and Dorial Green-Beckham and how they were top-40 selections, but both have still yet to make a big mark in the NFL.

The struggles of Agholor will have a big effect on the Eagles when they are on the clock. He will be in the back of their mind for sure. Instead of having that anxiety, the Eagles might look to free agency to address their receiver need.


One of the biggest statements the Eagles and Roseman made this offseason is when they came out and said they want to “stop putting band-aids on certain positions.” This tells me they are done signing players just because of their name.

The biggest “band-aid” the Eagles have had on their roster was the cornerback position. They have given out big contracts to Nnamdi Asomugha and Byron Maxwell, hoping the solve their issues. Both players failed and the Eagles are still looking for a number one cornerback.

The Eagles will look be looking to dish out any serious money to a cornerback in free agency unless they are 100% certain he will succeed. They cannot afford to have another high-priced cornerback fail and set them back again.

Instead of looking in free agency, the Eagles have been actively watching the cornerbacks in the NFL draft. They were very active in scouting the position during the East vs West shrine game and Senior Bowl.

Reaching for Players

One of the most questionable draft picks the Eagles have had as of late was Marcus Smith. Not many knew of him when he was selected.

The Eagles reached pretty high for Smith. Smith was considered to be one of the Eagles pass rushers for the future. And, when you are selected in the first round, you are expected to deliver. So far, Smith has not delivered.

That is why reaching for players can end up hurting you. It is almost a guarantee, the Eagles will not reach for a player unless he is a sure hit. With Joe Douglas in charge, the Eagles will be sure not to make another mistake like that again.

The past has a way of repeating itself unless you learn and grow from your mistakes. The Eagles have had to do a lot of growing lately, but they are in a position to succeed now.

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports Images