A Desean Jackson reunion would do the Eagles wonders

27 December 2016 Eagles News

Rumors of a Desean Jackson reunion have been flying around Philadelphia all season. Today, Brandon Graham added a lot of hype to those rumors. Will we see Jackson back in the midnight green?

On Breakfast on Broad, Graham spoke of a phone call he had with Jackson right after the Eagles hired Doug Pederson. “I talked to him when Doug got hired and he was like, ‘Tell coach, come get me.’ We have fun during the season. He was like, ‘BG, I’ll be back.’

Apparently, Jackson is very eager to come back to Philadelphia. The city that Jackson should never have left in the first place.

A move for Jackson would do the Eagles receiving corps wonders.

Currently, the Eagles receiving corps ranks in the bottom half of the NFL in total receiving yards, yards per game, and yards per reception. In fact, right now Jackson would lead the Eagles in receiving yards, receiving yards per game, touchdowns, and plays over 20 yards.

In fact, Jackson would lead the Eagles in receiving yards, receiving yards per game, touchdowns, and plays over 20 yards this season.

Jackson is a very productive wide receiver. He also has that big play capability. Not one Eagles receiver on the roster can catch a slant in their own half and run it to the end zone. Not one receiver (with the exception of Treggs one catch versus the Giants) can beat a man and score an 80-yard touchdown.

Jackson has that big play ability. He is a deep threat and a playmaker. Some would say the Redskins have the best receiving corps in the NFL and Jackson leads them all in most statistic categories this season.

Right now, when talking about signing Jackson, people are concerned about his age and his injury history. He has missed 18 games in his career. That is about two games a season. His worst injury plagued season was one year ago with the Redskins where he missed 6 games.

However, knowing all of that, he still manages to keep a career average of 976 yards a season. Also, a career average of 17.8 yards per reception and five touchdowns per season.

Jackson has this ability no Eagles receiver on their current roster has. He would do them wonders. He is a playmaker who can make a big play. With that being said, I still think the Eagles need to draft a WR with an early draft pick, but the acquisition of Jackson would be a good one. The narrative goes, age is just a number, do not be so concerned with it. Adding Jackson would do the Birds wonders.