Paging Vinny Curry

7 December 2016 Eagles News

Coming into this season, many deemed Vinny Curry their defensive “breakout” player. There were a lot of high hopes surrounding him. Thirteen weeks have gone by, and Curry has gone missing. Paging Vinny Curry.

This offseason, Curry was gifted a 5-year contract worth $46 million with $23 million guaranteed. This contract is big for a player who has always had a smaller role. It was viewed as an investment. Curry is a perfect fit for Jim Schwartz’s 4-3 wide-nine defensive scheme.

As the season has progressed, Curry has become a player with a minimum role. Behind Connor Barwin in the depth chart, Curry plays about 44% of the plays.

This season, Curry has racked up a measly 20 combined tackles and 1.5 sacks. Very bad production from a player who is slated to make $46 million in the next five years.

With his average annual salary at around $9.25 million a year, Curry is the 10th highest paid defensive end in the NFL. Right now, he is 162nd in the NFL in sacks this season.  In no way is that acceptable.

The Eagles really need to get some production out of Curry. He has the ability to cause some havoc in the trenches. He is just not being used right now. Paging Vinny Curry, the Eagles defensive line could use your help.