Eagles: No quarterback should throw 60 passes

4 December 2016 Eagles News

The Eagles can only look back on today’s game and wonder, why did Carson Wentz throw the ball 60 times. Not one quarterback in the NFL can fully handle that kind of workload.

Here are my problems with it.

Firstly, the running game does a lot for the quarterback. It opens up the field and it really just makes life easier. Going into the game, the Eagles were the 8th ranked rushing attack. Even without Ryan Mathews, they are not that bad when it comes to running the football.

You can argue that the game got out of hand, forcing them to pass only. But, even then, the Eagles were in the game up until the end of the third quarter.

The Eagles started the game with a balanced attack, passing 12 times and rushing 11 on their first 23 plays. After that, the Eagles, if you count the Wentz improvised runs, called 48 pass plays and just 8 run plays. A difference of 40 pass plays.

Going into this game, the Bengals had one of the worst run defenses. You would expect the Eagles to run the ball. However, that was not the case.

My second and biggest problem with Wentz throwing the ball 60 times is, look at who he is throwing to. Without Jordan Matthews, this is the worst receiving corps in the NFL. Two undrafted free agents, one lazy wide receiver and one receiver fighting himself.

The truth is, he had not a lot to work with. Not to mention the offensive line. A lot of the times, Wentz was forcing the ball because the receivers were simply not getting open.

It is a lot on Wentz’s plate and he was struggling to handle it. He was making bad throws and he was off today. Instead of helping him out, they made him throw the ball 60 times. Talk about leaving your quarterback out to dry.

Mandatory Photo Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports