Know the enemy: Seattle Seahawks

18 November 2016 Eagles News

It is never a fun game against the Seattle Seahawks. For the Eagles, the task is even harder as they will travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks. The Seahawks currently sit on top of the NFC West with a record of 6-2-1. To beat the Seahawks, you have to know them.

Here is a breakdown of the Seahawks.


The Seahawks are 21st in points per game (21.4), 20th in yards per game (341.9), 11th in passing yards per game (264.2), and 30th in rushing yards per game (77.7).

Russell Wilson struggled early on this season. He has thrown for 2,442 yards and ten touchdowns and two interceptions. However, he seems to be hitting his stride lately. In the last two games, Wilson has thrown for five touchdowns and zero interceptions. He seems to have just found his old form.

Obviously, this team has struggled to run the football. This season alone, they have used three different lead running back. Those running backs are, Thomas Rawls, Christine Michael, and C.J. Prosise. Now with Michael cut, we really do not know what to expect from this group. We have not seen enough from Rawls to judge him. As of Prosise, in his first game as the lead back, he rushed for 66 yards and caught seven passes for 87 yards. He can be a dangerous player in the game Sunday.

The emergence of Jimmy Graham has been a huge boost to the Seattle team. Graham and Doug Baldwin are the two leading receivers for the Seahawks. Baldwin leads the team in receiving yards (629) and receiving touchdowns (5), while Graham is not too far behind with 593 receiving yards and three touchdowns.

Their offensive line is a very young group. One of the players did not even play college football. To be honest, they are not too good of a group. They are really the main reason why this offense has struggled this much. The Eagles can expose this match up.


The Seattle defense is second in points against per game (17.6), ninth in yards against per game (338.4), 10th in passing yards against (241.7), and ninth in rushing yards against per game (96.8).

One of the most impressive statistics is their sacks (29). That is about an average of three sacks per game. Frank Clark leads them in sacks with 7.5.

This defense has also totaled seven interceptions this season. The infamous Richard Sherman leads the team with three.

This defense is one of the best in the league. Every season, they prove to be a very tough group to go against. This is a group that just last week held Tom Brady scoreless. We know what we are facing with this defense.

Mandatory Photo Credit: PhiadelphiaEagles.com