Game predictions: 4thandJawn staff picks

13 November 2016 Eagles News

The number one team in the NFC South comes to Philadelphia today. The Eagles are looking to bounce back after the loss to the New York Giants. Who wins the battle today? Here’s what the squad is thinking!

Ryan Neal- (Writer @4thandJawn)

I think this game is going to be a high scoring game. The Falcons are not good defensively but have the best offense. With that being said, I expect the Eagles to concede a decent amount of points and score a decent amount of points. I think Carson Wentz is going to have his best game yet. I am calling for an Eagles win at home.

Final Score: Eagles 35 – Falcons 31

Gayle Saunders- (Co-Host , Editor-in-chief/Manager )

The Philadelphia Eagles on paper might be an easy choice for an L, however, the Birds have put on solid performances at home this season. While the Falcons sport an explosive offense, it’s their defense that could be their weak link. I expect the defense to pull an ace versus the Falcons.

Final Score: Eagles 24 – Falcons 21.

Nick Vuylsteke- (Writer @4thandJawn)

I would say this is a big game for the Eagles, but at this point in the season, every game is the biggest game of the year. I feel like the Eagles will finally have the urgency to win a game and we’ll see everybody close to being on the same page. The home crowd will definitely have a big factor, so if you’re at the game, cheer loud and proud! I don’t think the defense will play that well, but I think we’ll get a few big turnovers during the game. With that being said, I think the Eagles will find a way to pull the game out but I’m 0-3 on my last three predictions soooooo…

Final Score: Eagles 27 –  Falcons 20

Tyler Jackson- (Writer @4thandJawn)

The Falcons defense is young and prone to giving up a lot of yards and big plays, so the Eagles offense should be able to move the ball. On the other side, however, the Falcons do as good of a job as any team when it comes to spreading the ball around. There is no weakness on the offense as the line, backs, and receivers are being led by MVP candidate Matt Ryan. I don’t see the Eagles being able to slow this team down but I said the same thing about Pittsburgh.

Final Score: Atl 31 Phi 27

This week’s special guest

Conor Myles- (Host of .)

It’s going to be a tough game for the Eagles given how explosive the Falcons offense is with Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones, and even Taylor Gabriel. Gabriel is providing the Falcons with taking the top off the defense ability which is really helping their offense become explosive. Luckily for the Eagles Desmond Trufant is out, who’s becoming a top 10 corner in this league. With that being said, Wentz will be able to take advantage of the 31st ranked passing defense. It’ll be a shootout I believe. I think Eagles pull the upset

Final Score: Eagles 24- Falcons 16