Is the Josh Huff release a blessing in disguise?

3 November 2016 Eagles News

By now, most of you know that the Eagles released wide receiver Josh Huff today after his arrest just a few days ago. With that news, all signs point to offseason acquisition Bryce Treggs taking his spot on the roster. Treggs can bring a lot to this team. Especially his ability to stretch the field.

Treggs has a big opportunity here. The Eagles have had a lot of receiver issues really dating back to the departure of Jeremy Maclin a few seasons ago. The Eagles need to get Carson Wentz a weapon, and it looks like Wentz is excited to work with Treggs. Here is what Wentz had to say about Treggs after practice.

“He can run, I think you guys see that even in the little bit that you guys get to watch of practice. The guy can fly. It will be interesting to see. He seems to have picked things up pretty quickly, here. I’m excited for him to get his opportunity.”

The Eagles did not complete one pass over twenty yards the past two weeks. Treggs has that ability to stretch the field and catch a bomb from Wentz.

All Treggs has to do is make a huge reception early in the game. One that stretches the field and catches the defense off guard. It would totally change the game and change how to Eagles are defended.

Right now, teams do not respect the Eagles receivers. The play up on the receivers and give them no room. They know they are not going to get beat over top. A guy like Treggs can come in and keep the defense honest with just one catch.

The Eagles desperately need a game changer, maybe Treggs can be that guy. It is said all things happen for a reason. Maybe the Huff release is a blessing in disguise.

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Eagles.com