Weekly Jawn Ep. 2

30 October 2016 Eagles News

It’s Dallas Week!!!!!! There has been a lot of news surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles recently. With that being said, Tom and I tried to answer the best questions submitted to us on twitter this week.

Let’s get started.

@bigshirely1979 asks: What’s the most you’re willing to give up for a WR? Alshon or smith?

I do not think the Eagles should give up anything of any real value. With that being said, I’d only give up a late round draft pick. As regards to Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith, I can see the Eagles landing a player of Smith’s caliber. I don’t think any Alshon Jeffrey deal will happen. – Ryan

I don’t see the Eagles landing a big name wideout in a trade. I’d explore a trade involving mid-round selections but nothing more. -Tom

@Niick_Holas ask: Has Brandon Graham been the best defensive end in the NFL over the first 7 weeks of the season?

He is certainly playing at a very high level. Some games he is almost impossible to block. I wouldn’t say he has been the best, but he has been very very very good. He has four sacks and a couple forced fumbles. He’s easily one of the Eagles best players this season. – Ryan

Brandon Graham is one of the better pure pass rushers in the NFL as a 4-3 end. He’s finally coming into his own, and living up to the expectations that were set for him early in his career. He will thrive for years to come in this defense. -Tom

@GittersShaquan asks: Would you cut R.Mattews and pick up C.J Spiller? 

No. I actually believe the Eagles can get a lot more out of Ryan Mathews. I don’t think CJ Spiller would help this team at all. – Ryan

I don’t think Spiller has much left to offer. He’s even more fragile than Mathews. – Tom

@IBleedPhilly asks: Are we going to the Super Bowl? 

Ummmmmmmmm, there is still a lot of work to be done. The only thing holding the Eagles back is themselves. – Ryan

This team has a foundation. It’s a start. I don’t think a Super Bowl is likely this year, though. – Tom

Game Predictions: 

It’s going to be a close game, the Cowboys are a very solid team. In the end, I think the Eagles win 21-17. Carson Wentz leads the Eagles on a game-winning drive.

The NFC East is back, and every team in the division is looking for a big win each week. This is the most anticipated divisional game thus far, and it’ll live up to the hype. I’ll take the Eagles by a score of 24-21. – Tom