Carson Wentz finally makes one of his first mistakes

10 October 2016 Eagles News

First and foremost, the Eagles are lucky to have a young quarterback that seems to be light years ahead of his time. However, as the Eagles we’re playing from behind,24-23, on Sunday, Wentz made one of his biggest mistakes of his short career.

Unfortunately, the rookie quarterback was placed in a situation that could have been prevented. If we’re being honest, if Ryan Mathews doesn’t fumble, we might not even be talking about Carson’s “mistake.” Being an Eagles fan, we all know that life is not fair being a fan of this team, and Mathews quickly reminded us again on Sunday.

While some may put blame on WR Nelson Agholor for not making a better play on the ball, Wentz was off target with a risky kill shot with 1:26 left on the clock. With three downs to go, Wentz could have lived for another down or attempted a pass to Jordan Matthews on a crossing route, as seen below.

Coach Pederson has mentioned that Carson Wentz has “some of the same instincts” as gunslinger Brett Favre:
“Eyes are always downfield, you’re looking for that big play, the home-run play, the broken play. And he’s got that in him and that’s something that’s very special. And you can’t teach that. That’s an instinct that a lot of people don’t have and we’re fortunate that our guy has it.”

Some are okay with Wentz taking a shot downfield and having that “gunslinger” mentality. As much as I believe he should have lived for another down, I’m ok with him being a rookie. Mistakes, like this particular one, will make him a better player down the road. Let us not forget, that it was Wentz who lead the Eagles down 21-10, to take a 23-21 lead with 6:41 on the clock.

On Sunday, the Birds overcame a ton of adversity, with penalties(14-111 yards), errors by key veterans, the defense off to a slow start, and they we’re still close to leaving Detroit with a W. If the the Birds can rebound from their mental mistakes, the future still looks promising for the Birds.