Wentz studying Russell Wilson and Cam Newton

6 October 2016 Eagles News

The young Carson Wentz has done a phenomenal job with Doug Pederson’s game plans as of late. Wentz has done everything his coaches have asked of him, and done it extremely well.

So far this season, the one thing that hasn’t been asked of Wentz is to run the football. Coming out of North Dakota State, Wentz was asked to be involved in the run game quite heavily, usually running the ball 8 to 10 times a game.

The 6-foot-5, 223-pound QB has already started watching the other dual threats in the league, and how they make of use of their legs at the next level.

“I think Russell Wilson does a really good job of protecting himself. He obviously makes plays with his feet,” Wentz said. “Cam Newton takes some shots here and there, but I thought last year he was a guy that I always thought did a good job with all the designed quarterback runs of just protecting himself and taking the shots very sparingly.”

It’s only a matter of time that Doug Pederson starts implementing designed runs into the offense for his rookie stud QB, but look for him to be smart about it moving forward. With Wentz dealing with a rib injury all preseason long, it’s not like they want to put him in harms way before the mid point of the season.

With the way we’ve seen Pederson game plan each week, he’s added new wrinkles to his offense each and every game. More than likely, Pederson already has a plan in place, and is waiting to unleash it on the league when the time is right.

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