Torres Official 7 Round Eagles Mock Draft (Trades Included)

26 April 2021 DRAFT Philadelphia Eagles

It’s officially draft week, which means you’re going to see millions of mock drafts and most likely choose to critique or agree with them. With that said, I’m not creating this mock to please the fans. I’m creating this mock draft to give the Eagles the best football players available on the board.

The Eagles will be going into the season as one of the worst teams in the league. It hurts to hear, but it’s the truth. We have no identity as of now, and just not nearly enough talent to make some actual noise. That’s why this draft is so important. Howie and staff must come out of this draft with four impact starters out the gate. Lets hope and pray that happens.

Below is the 7 round Eagles mock draft that I think would instantly help right out the gate.

Round 1 Pick 12: DeVonta Smith 6’0 166 lbs WR Alabama

The biggest thing you hear about the Heisman Winner is “oh, well he only weighs 166 pounds”, well I’m here to tell you that DeVonta Smith played at that weight all season, and there was zero issues. When everyone was cheering his name for the Heisman no one was bringing up his weight. His stats and production are all I need to see. He easily passes the eye test.

Smith is the best route runner in this entire draft. He’s a smooth criminal of an athlete. When you watch his tape he’s always open. You’ll never have to worry about drops with him because his hands are strong. He’s not “Julio Jones “strong in terms of body strength, but when it comes to run blocking, he gives it all he’s got.

If the Eagles draft him, he’d come right into this locker room as the clear cut WR1 and would fit Sirianni’s scheme and core values. As Sirianni says “we hate banana routes”, you’ll never ever see Smith run a banana route on the field.

Round 2 Pick 37: Carlos Basham Jr. 6’3 281 lbs DE Wake Forest

“Howie type of pick” “We need a corner”. These type of comments are true, but our defensive end situation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Brandon Graham only has a few years left, Derek Barnett is due to become a free agent next season, and that leaves you with Josh Sweat and Joe Ostman. They technically need edge rushers as badly as cornerbacks.

Adding a Carlos “Boogie” Basham Jr. type player gives you the best of both worlds. Basham Jr can rush off the edge, and can plug the holes onto the inside. He’s not overly explosive, but he wins with power and technique. Out of all of the defensive ends in this draft, Basham Jr is easily in the top three when it comes to technique, fundamentals, and counter moves.

When watching Basham’s tape I can’t help but see Everson Griffen in his prime. Just overly powerful with his initial punch and can hit you with any move after. In my opinion he’d make an immediate impact on this team, and would add to the group of defensive lineman we have that tally up a lot of pressures.

Trade!!! Eagles receive pick 39, Carolina receives 70, 225 and Zach Ertz

Round 2 Pick 39: Ifeatu Melifonwu 6’3 210 lbs CB Syracuse

Here is your cornerback Eagles fans. Ifeatu Melifonwu is a proto type defensive back for a Jonathan Gannon based defense. He has the ability to play press man due to his physicality, quick feet, and length. Ifeatu has the ability to play zone due to his above average ball skills, length, and ability to read the play out of the back field.

Melifonwu fits the mold of a big, fast strong corner who can tackle and play the long ball. That’s everything Gannon could dream of in a cornerback. Melifonwu has stormed up the draft boards of a lot of scouts and analyst. He’s been mocked as early as 28 to New Orleans.

Though his ball production in college was slim, he has the potential to be a very disruptive outside corner in this league, and that projection is enough to take Melifonwu at 39 in my opinion. He is a type of corner to follow a WR1 or even a TE1.

Round 3 Pick 84: Hunter Long 6’5 254 lbs TE Boston College

TIGHT END FACTORY! Yes a tight end in the 3rd round 3 years after taking one in the 2nd. 

Pairing Hunter Long and Dallas Goedert together would give you one of the best tight end duos in the NFL. Goedert and Long both having the ability to block and become a receiver gives Sirianni the ability to utilize two tight end sets as much as he’d like. Sirianni has made it known how much he loves his tight ends and with Zach Ertz just being traded *see trade above* it makes a whole lot of sense to grab one of the drafts top tight ends.

Round 4 Pick 123: Dylan Moses 6’3 235 lbs LB Alabama

Dylan Moses is an experienced linebacker who has played all three linebacker positions. Versatility is always a plus in the NFL and is especially a plus in Philadelphia. Moses has seen his stock drop dramatically over the past 3-4 months and I struggle to really see why.

Moses is an ultra athlete with sideline to sideline range, and and rarely is out ran. Looks like he was built in a lab, and created to play the linebacker position. He plays with a mentality of I want to make you feel me when he tackles you and that’s something this team needs. A ferocious downhill tackler to lays down the thunder.

While playing at Alabama, Moses had success in the second level and around the box. His football IQ gives him an advantage over a lot of the freak athlete linebackers in this years class.

Moses in coverage needs some work but his ability there is not non existent. The Eagles just signed Eric Wilson who is going to be the Eagles coverage linebacker and that frees up the SAM slot for Moses. If Moses is there at pick 123, Howie Roseman better run that card up to the podium.

Round 5 Pick 150: Chubba Hubbard 6’0 207 lbs RB Oklahoma State

This may be one of my favorite picks of this mock draft. Chubba Hubbard was considered RB1 last year and got hurt by playing this season. The fit in Philadelphia just makes way too much sense to me.

Now Philly, I’m not drafting Hubbard to take Miles Sanders spot, that’s not going to happen. You’re essentially drafting Hubbard to be RB2. Yes the Eagles just re-signed Jordan Howard, but I think they truly brought him back for some fullback packages. Hubbard would come in and be a total opposite of Miles Sanders, which keeps the defense on there toes and gives you a balanced running attack.

Hubbard is a north/south runner who has the track speed to hit a home run on any given play. Very patient runner who reads to hole before it’s there, when sanders is an east/west runner who bounces and cuts his ways into holes. Having both of these guys will be a nightmare for defenses to game plan.

Ball security is going to be Hubbard’s downfall if he doesn’t work on it, but I feel he will.

Round 6 Pick 189: Drake Jackson 6’2 290 lbs C Kentucky

If Drake Jackson is here at 189, you must take him. The only reason Jackson’s stock is fell is because of his size. Being considered a smaller center is nothing unfamiliar with the Eagles considering they took Jason Kelce.

Drake Jackson is a well rounded center who has the well-needed short area mobility, hand usage and moxy you want from your center.

Being a four-year starter at Kentucky gives Jackson a ton of experience and ability to play one on one against nose and combo rushers.

He will best fit a team with a West Coast offensive scheme which ding ding ding, Sirianni runs. Jackson won’t be an immediate starter obviously, but being able to learn under Kelce for a few years could give you a potential starter or a extremely ready back up.

Trade!!! Eagles receive 2022 5th, Jaguars receives 225 & 240

Round 7 Pick 240: Max Duffy 6’1 196 lbs P Kentucky

Yes Eagles fans, a punter. Mock me all you want, they need a punter and Max Duffy is the best of the bunch. The Eagles let Cam Johnston test free agency and he signed with the Texans, so they’re in need of a punter. Duffy was the best punter in college football last season and in this draft.

There you have it. My final and official Eagles 7 round mock draft. Like I said in the beginning, I’m not trying to please the fan base with this mock, I went off of what the Eagles need, and grabbing the best players realistically available that fit the mold.

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