Torres Top 100 NFL Draft Prospects

3 March 2021 DRAFT Opinion Philadelphia Eagles

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is doing their evaluations, determining who “their guys” are, coming up with top tens per position, and creating big boards. I’m here to join the club to give you my top 100 prospects. These rankings are based on talent evaluation, characteristics, and where I’m hearing and seeing prospects being drafted at. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

  1. Trevor Lawrence (QB ) Clemson– I don’t think anyone will argue with this assessment. Lawrence has been the down right number one prospect for about two years.
  2. Ja’Marr Chase (WR) LSU- The clear cut best offensive skill player of this years draft. Chase’s natural ability to dominate at the high point, and ability to to rack up yards after the catch are RARE. In my opinion he is the best wide receiver prospect to come out of college since Odell Beckham Jr. His upside is yellow jacket worthy.
  3. Penei Sewell (OT) Oregon- When you talk about an all around tackle, Sewell’s name should appear. The power, mobility, flexibility, and versatility as a pass and run blocker is generational. Majority of his tape is of him rag dolling and man handling edge rushers. With that being said, Sewell has the ability to block into the second level easily. Sewell’s potential is through the roof.
  4. Zach Wilson (QB) BYU- GUNSLINGER!!!! This kid’s arm talent is special. In 2020, Wilson made numerous throws that only a handful of NFL QB’s can make. Wilson was dropping dimes in the bucket left and right regardless of how tight the coverage was. He is a day one starter right out of the gate.
  5. Jaylen Waddle (WR) Alabama- Coming into the 2020 season, Jaylen Waddle was considered to be the best wide receiver prospect leading up to the 2021 NFL Draft. Waddle started off the year as the best wide receiver in the nation but unfortunately, Waddles season was cut short due to a lower body injury. With that being said, there’s enough tape to scout how amazing of a player Waddle can potentially be. This kid is a flat out play maker and is probably the most explosive wide receiver in this years class. He possesses blazing speed and immaculate route running which makes creating separation easy for him. I believe the gap between Waddle and Chase is closer than most.
  6. Justin Fields (QB) Ohio State- Justin Fields has all the physical tools in the tool shed. Fields is a dynamic runner, has pretty throwing mechanics, and possesses above average arm strength. He is said to be an A+ leader on the field and in the locker room. The knock on Fields is slowly processing the defense and not progressing through his reads fast enough. If he can clean that up, sky’s the limit for this kid.
  7. Kyle Pitts (TE/WR) Florida- Pitts is going to walk into the league and instantly be a headache for opposing teams defensive coordinators. He is a legitimate match up nightmare. Too fast and shifty for linebackers in coverage, and just entirely too big for most corners to cover him. I don’t use the word unicorn a lot, but at the skills positions i can only count 4 maybe 5 other guys who possess the type of natural athleticism, size, and domination as i believe Pitts will bring to the league.
  8. Christian Darrisaw (OT) Virginia Tech- Darrisaw is the type of tackle you’d kill to have on your team. Not literally, but you get what I mean. His attitude and demeanor is an alpha. He plays with a dawg mentality, and will let you know it. Darrisaw possesses the ideal size, physically aggressive nature, and clean technique you want from your left tackle. The strength this kid possesses is rare. He physically can stop an edge rusher at full speed with a hand punch at the point of attack. Eye popping to be honest.
  9. DeVonta Smith (WR) Alabama- Say what you want about DeVonta Smith’s size, it surely hasn’t effected his ability to produce that much. Tallying 235 catches, 3965 yards, and 46 TDs in 4 years at Alabama would surely back that up. In my opinion, Smith is the best route runner in the draft. Every time i watch his film, he’s open. He is constantly a threat to make a home run play. I have him at WR3 despite winning the 2021 Heisman because I haven’t seen him get “big time” popped yet. Not that it’s a knock, i just want to see how taking shots at the next level will treat his body.
  10. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (LB) Notre Dame- This young lad is VIOLENT. When he hits you, you’re going to feel the pain the next morning. JOK is a pure thumper. Not only is he a thumper, this kid is the complete package. He can cover sideline to sideline due to his speed and range. He can also be used in many pursuit and blitz packages. Hes versatile as he can play any of the LB positions, and play in the box as a safety. The knock on JOK is his size, only weighing 216, but that doesn’t phase me one bit. Turn on his tape, tell me if that 216 isn’t one of the most ferocious and aggressive players in the country. Jamal Adams is 6’1 213 lbs and they play almost the same exact type of game. You may call me crazy having JOK this high, but guess what? I do not care. I’m that high on this guy.
  11. Jaycee Horn (CB) South Carolina- If I’m going to be honest, Jaycee Horn has been one of my favorite prospects in this draft since August. I’m a sucker for players with a swagger and alpha mentalities and I don’t believe anyone in this class possesses the hunger, grit, and dawg like mentality as Horn does. In my honest opinion, Horn is hands down the best press man corner in the years draft class. In off man coverage packages, he does tend to get a bit grabby, but I’ve seen enough tape to see his anticipation and IQ will help him in that phase come the next level. Horn is a fierce competitor and is someone you want to go to war with on the gridiron.
  12. Caleb Farley (CB) Virginia Tech- Caleb Farley is probably the most fluid corner back in this draft. His technique is as smooth as they come. Watching Farley come in and out of breaks and read and react is almost like watching poetry in motion. Has the ability to play press and off coverage. At his size of 6’2 207 lbs, its really impressive how clean his footwork is. The reason he is CB2 in my eyes is his injury history. If Farley can stay healthier than not, he’s got a real shot of being something special at the next level.
  13. Rashawn Slater (OT) Northwestern- Slater is receiving a bunch of praise around the league, and some are even stating that he is OT1. I can’t follow suit on that assumption. With that being said, Slater moves extremely well for his size. The biggest benefit of Slater’s game is his ability to play all 5 positions on the offensive line. Versatility is the key word when speaking on Slater’s game. The ability to play in power and swing game is elite. He is my OT3 because I don’t see that alpha mentality that I see from Sewell and Darrisaw. That’s not to take anything away from his game, I just would love to see him play with more moxie and the next level.
  14. Jaelan Phillips (DE) Miami- Phillips is the most technically sound defensive end in this entire class. He possesses a rare combination of power, speed, versatility, and technique. This kid has displayed about every initial rush move, as well as every counter move in the textbook. He can line up on the outside standing up or hands in the dirt, while the ability to play inside the tackles. Phillips work ethic and motor will never be in question at the next level. You turn on the tape and hes going 100 mph every play. Unfortunately, Phillips has been cursed with the injury bug in his college career. I tend to overlook his injury history because he played the entire 2020 season and looked 100% healthy. The team that takes a chance on this kid is going to get a relentless finisher who will give it his all until the clock hits 0:00.
  15. Micah Parsons (LB) Penn State- When you think of some of the best linebackers in the league, and watch Parson’s tape. its hard not to love this kid. Parson’s is a very instinctual player who flies all around the field. His coverage skills, and sideline to sideline range is elite like. That being said, there are a lot of character issues that pop up with Parsons. it is being said that Parsons is very immature, and the Penn State hazing report that is floating around is not pretty. Talent alone Parsons is easily a top 10 player, but that’s not how this whole thing works. If Parsons can prove that he can mature, a team is going to get a sure fired stud.
  16. Patrick Surtain II (CB) Alabama- I know I’m going to have a lot of people buggin’ that I have Surtain II at CB3 but its really not a knock on him. All three of the guys are going to make immediate impacts on their teams. What i see when i see Surtain II play is a big bodied corner back who has elite ball skills, technique, and high IQ. This guy is a punch out artist. He has the ability to get the ball out of a ball carriers hand at any moment. What I don’t see from PS2 that i do from the other two guys is the consistent physical nature. There’s times on tape where Surtain II will bail out on a bail that’ll be contact on contact. Also tends not to be a physical tackler at times. I’d love to see him be a bit more willing to throw his body in the line of fire to make a play, or tackle.
  17. Alijah Vera-Tucker (IOL) USC- Thought Vera-Tucker lined up as a LT for the Trojans in 2020, i see his best fit playing left guard at the next level. I can’t even call him a kid, because he plays like a grown man. He is a bully in the run game, yet attains the ability to have quick and nimble feet in the passing game. Vera- Tucker over powers inside and edge rushers consistently. You put on his tape, and you see him steam rolling rushers left and right. I see him having a Quenton Nelson like impact right out of the gate.
  18. Terrace Marhsall Jr (WR) LSU- Woah, Marshall Jr at 18, what?!?! Let me start off by saying, this one was back and forth between him and Rashod Bateman and Marshall Jr won. The blend of size, speed, route running ability is just what it came down to. The body control he possesses through contact and at the high point is elite. Marshall Jr is a true triple threat.
  19. Najee Harris (RB) Alabama- The hurdling machine himself earns RB1 on my list. Harris is your proto-typical Alabama RB. He is a combination of power, speed and a knack for gaining positive yards. For Harris’s size, he surprisingly is a very good pass catcher out of the back field. What makes Harris special is his willingness to treat every play like it could be his last. He is relentless as they come.
  20. Rashod Bateman (WR) Minnesota- Almost identical to Marshall Jr, Bateman is a good combination of size and speed. He possesses very similar go up and get it ability and body control. Where I separate the two is route running. Minnesota had Bateman run a ton of vertical routes, which he showed was a strong suit. I’d like to see if Bateman can expand that route tree a tad. If so, his ceiling is extremely high.
  21. Liam Eichenberg (OT) Notre Dame- This is a kid I’m higher one than most. When i watch his film, I see consistency and clean technique. Eichenberg has the age and the experience over alot of the other tackles in this draft. In my honest opinion, Eichenberg has the best hand shooting in the entire class. The strength and power mixed with technique is everything you want out of your left tackle. Eichenberg is disruptive at the line of scrimmage and that’s no secret, but there’s concerns about his athleticism. I’ve watched enough film to see that more likely than not, Eichenberg seems very mobile.
  22. Gregory Rousseau (OT)- Rousseau is one of the drafts best athletes. The way he ways for his size is really rare. After the 2019 season, there were talks of him being a top 5 selection in this years draft, but i really believe not playing this season hurt his stock. It’s not anything he did per say, it’s just a handful of defensive ends had monster years. With that being said, if the year off doesn’t effect Rousseau’s play, an NFL team is getting a bona fide freak. His 2019 was nothing short of mind blowing, but is it sustainable? That is the real question.
  23. Trey Lance (QB) North Dakota state- First thing I think about when I think about Lance is his live arm. He may walk into the league with the top 10 strongest arm. As well as his arm he may walk into the league as a top 5 rusher as a QB. The best thing about Lance is he’s not just a physical specimen, he is a very intellectual quarterback. He knows exactly when to take off and run, he knows when he stay in the pocket and take a hit to make a pass, and most importantly he knows not to force plays that aren’t there. His lone season for the Bison he had 0 INTs. The huge knock on Lance is his accuracy, but that can be fixed by the right team and coach. Look at Josh Allen for example. Similar type of players.
  24. Jalen Mayfield (OT) Michigan- Out of all of the tackles in this class, Mayfield has some of the cleanest footwork I’ve seen. Clean footwork equals clean mobility, the ability to square up the defender head on, which equals less penalties. Mayfield could benefit on working on his strength and hand shooting. As an overall prospect, he may be a bit more raw, but with the right coaching his potential could be unlocked.
  25. Kadarius Toney (WR) Florida- Human cheat code! Toney is a nightmare for defensive coordinators to plan for. He can line up in the back field, in the slot, and on the outside. Peep this that’s not all he can do. This kid even played quarterback at times. Kadarius Toney is a FOOTBALL PLAYER. Lightning fast, explosive, play maker, and an elite level threat to take any play to the house. Some will say he’s only a gadget guy, but I call bologna on that. The one concern I do have is drops. On tape, concentration drops show up more than I’d like. If he works on that, this kid could have a hell of a career.
  26. Nick Bolton (LB) Missouri- The second you turn on Bolton’s tape, you can see how much of a ferocious linebacker he is. He is relentless at the point of attack. He’s looking to make you regret coming towards his side of the field. Better yet, with Bolton’s sideline to sideline range, he’s looking to make you regret coming on the football field. He packs a thunderous blow 9 out of 10 times. Pure pursuit linebacker. He shoots the gap better than almost anyone in the draft class. His work ethic and motor is second to none. I love Bolton’s aggressive nature, but it can be his achilles heel as well. At times he will overshoot an assignment, or take a wrong angle at the ball carrier in pursuit. If he learns to stay patient more often than not, he could truthfully have the best career of any linebacker in this class.
  27. Dillon Radunz (OT) North Dakota State- Radunz comes on the scene as probably the most athletic tackles in the class. With his lean physique rushers feel as they can bull rush him, but Radunz holds his ground quite well. Radunz is another tackle that can move all around the offensive line. One knock is see on him is though he holds his ground well, he could stand to work on his overall body strength to make the bull rush easier to defend. The athleticism and versatility he possesses will keep him in the league for a long time.
  28. Javonte Williams (RB) UNC- Williams is in my top 5 favorite prospects of this draft. I like him ahead of Harris and Etienne. Yea I know, I’m crazy. Tell me something I don’t know. Williams is a complete back. He is a bruiser of a runner yet elusive and nimble in between the tackles. Williams has the ability to be a dynamic receiver out of the backfield as well. Very instinctive running back who picks and chooses his lanes patiently. He is one of the better pass protecting running backs in the class as well. I truly feel in my gut that he will have the best career of any back in the class. He has Nick Chubb/Dalvin Cook potential.
  29. Ifeatu Melifonwu (CB) Syracuse- Melifonwu is a tall, long, rangy cornerback who does not get nearly enough love. He’s typically a zone scheme corner who possesses elite ball skill and read and react ability. He’s not afraid to get physical and do some dirty work in the running game either. Though it hasn’t been frequent, Melifonwu has displayed the ability to be a press man corner as well. With his size, length, and strength, you’d figure teams may want to draft him as such, but he’s versatile and sticky, so it doesn’t matter which coverage he’s in. Overall, he has the potential to be a very disruptive defensive back in the NFL.
  30. Carlos Basham Jr (DE) Wake Forest- Big, powerful defensive end who can rush the QB from multiple positions at the line of scrimmage. He can hit any offensive lineman with almost every move in the textbook. He has every initial and counter move in his bag of tricks. There are questions about his motor, but from the tape I’ve watched, Basham Jr works extremely hard. His versatility is going to secure him a job at the next level for a very long time.
  31. Azeez Ojulari (DE) Georgia- As I watch Ojulari’s film, his speed and effort pop off the screen. He is the type of rusher who never says die. The kid plays with the “this may be my last snap” mentality. The speed he possesses helps him the bull rush the offensive line, but at times he fails to get off blockers. Also, he could benefit by refining his hand technique as well as his counter move arsenal.
  32. Travis Etienne (RB) Clemson- I’m not as high on Etienne as most people, but with that being said I still think he is a talented running back. The all time rusher in ACC history shows elite patience at the line of scrimmage. Rarely does he miss a lane from opening. Plays with good body control and balance. One of the best receiving backs in the draft class. The issue I was with Etienne is that he isn’t really a versatile runner. He’s a pure north-south runner, and in my opinion has trouble finding lanes on the outside. My assessment of Etienne is he has to be drafted by the RIGHT team that fits his running style. If that is the case, he has the potential to be very successful at the next level.
  33. Kwity Paye (DE) Michigan- Pure bull rusher. Paye is as strong as any edge rusher in this class. He really gets pressure on the QB at will. Sneaky quick as well. The reason I am not as high on Paye as others is because I’m not sold that he’s a true finisher. He has the potential to be a DE1 on any team he is drafted to, but as of now i see him as a top notch DE2.
  34. Rondale Moore (WR) Purdue- Rondale Moore is an electrifying football player. He can break one open at all three levels. I get a lot of Curtis Samuel vibes with Moore, but I believe Moore’s upside is much much greater. Only problem is he NEEDS to stay on the field. Moore’s injury history speaks for itself. If a team can secure a healthy Rondale Moore they’re in for a real treat.
  35. Teven Jenkins (OT) Oklahoma State- Offensive tackles now a days have to be strong, yet nimble and quick, Jenkins is just that. This kid is a down right a bully, and I love it. He plays with and edge and grit I feel tackles have to possess. The ability to shoot his hands and punch defenders off balance is elite. Being 6’6 320 lbs, Jenkins recovery time is quicker than you’d imagine. The question surrounding Jenkins is how great of an athlete is he and how versatile can he be? That has yet to be answered, but once is does, it could either hurt of help his stock.
  36. Creed Humphrey (IOL) Oklahoma- Humphrey is a big and powerful center that is almost a stone wall to most defensive lineman. He is a rare lefty snapper, but that hasn’t affected any QB he has played with. Though Humphrey is a physical beast off a player, he also has the smarts to go with it. Humphrey is said to be the general of the offense for the Sooners and that’s a huge benefit going into the draft. The issue that lies with Humphrey is that he is a limited athlete and seems to be a scheme heavy center. If. he gets drafted by a power heavy offense, Humphrey will strive.
  37. Wyatt Davis (IOL) Ohio State- When you talk about nasty, gritty, and powerful offensive linemen, Wyatt Davis is at the forefront of the list in this draft class. Davis is a mauler. If he gets a good hold of you, you’re done and you might as well give up. Not many flaws to his game, but if I had to point out one, it would be that in my opinion he doesn’t possess an elite attribute. He’s good at everything but not great or elite.
  38. Christian Barmore (IDL) Alabama- In a draft class that doesn’t have a premier DT, Barmore is the best of the bunch. That’s not to say this years class doesn’t have talent, but there’s not that one guy who is going to be force to be reckoned with. Barmore is as good as it gets at forcing pressures on the QB. He does a good job using his thick frame to get inside leverage. His get-off is surprisingly quick as well. My issues with Barmore is he’s not a true pass rusher. I see him more as a lane stuffer and more of a pure run stopper. Not that that’s an issue, but I just don’t believe that type of DT is a first round talent. Barmore also has been very inconsistent throughout his time with the Crimson Tide.
  39. Jabril Cox (LB) LSU- The former LSU Tiger is the best coverage linebacker in this draft. You can stamp that right now. The range Cox displays on tape is eye popping. Cox can be installed in a man or zone coverage scheme due to his versatility and sideline to sideline ability. He plays with a fiery passion and is the ultimate competitor. Cox has a knack of blowing plays up in the backfield. Tallying 38.5 tackles for loss in his 4 year collegiate career with North Dakota State and LSU. The issue people have with Cox is that he sometimes gets lost in traffic and can be knocked out of the play. With Cox the good outweigh the bad, and i can see him having a Darius Leonard type impact right out the gate.
  40. Jevon Holland (S) Oregon- Jevon Holland is someone who I feel isn’t getting enough love. When I evaluated his film, I came away thinking this guy is versatile, intelligent, and a leader. Being communicative on the football field is huge, and Holland has displayed excellent communication skills while being the general of that back end of the defense. Dynamic athlete, who has loose and fluid hips and ankles. Holland plays with great body control and stays patient in his coverage area. People have brought up concerns about his ability to be a single high safety, but that’s just not his style. He’s a roamer, which todays safety’s are transitioning into that role. I have no worries about his ball skills or read and react ability. 9 INTs and 10 PDs in 2 years at Oregon will back that assumption up.
  41. Eric Stokes (CB) Georgia- Out of the 5 cornerbacks I have listed so far, Stokes is by far the most dynamic. Similar to Jaycee Horn, Stokes is long and physical, but what Stokes possesses that Horn doesn’t is that deep coverage speed. He often runs with the receiver stride for stride down the field. What Stokes needs to clean up is his ball skills and technique. that’s why he isn’t in the top 3 CB discussion. Often on film, there’s lapses of sloppy technique. Stokes tries to rely on his athleticism too often, and that won’t fly at the next level. If Stokes can clean those two things up, he could be a CB1 on the team that drafts him.
  42. Michael Carter (RB) UNC- Being a UNC sports fan, I am higher on my guys then majority of people, but I’m not really worried about what others will have to say. When it comes down to it, Michael Carter is as well rounded as they come. Carter has excellent vision, above average elusiveness and burst, and second to only Etienne as a receiver out of the backfield. Being only 5’8 202 lbs, Carter plays with exceptional body control and balance. Very instinctive and patient when it comes to making the timely cut into the lane. Some see Carter as a complementary back, I however believe he has starter potential. I see Michael Carter as a Nyheim Hines plus. Take it for what you will, but I see Carter having a long and successful career.
  43. Jayson Oweh (DE) PSU- Two words come to mind when watching Oweh’s film; FREAK ATHLETE. This kid looks like he was built in a lab, whose main purpose was to solely play football. The length and athleticism he was born with is extremely rare. He wins wide on the pass rush more often than not. Oweh is a projection pick thought if were being honest. His upside in the NFL is a double digit sack artist year in and year out. The knocks on Oweh are that he’s still a bit raw, a bit lean, and needs to improve on his technique, arsenal, and run game. There’s work to be done with him, but if a coaching staff is willing to put the work in with him, he could be really dominate in the future.
  44. Levi Onwuzurike (IDL) Washington- Onwuzurike is one of the most explosive DTs I’ve ever watched on film. This kid has one of the quickest get-offs of the line of scrimmage including edge rushers. If he adds some overall power and strength to his game, NFL offensive linemen better begin to watch out.
  45. Chazz Surratt (LB) UNC- Yes, the UNC favoritism strikes again. I don’t know what to tell you, besides I really believe in these guys. Besides maybe JOK, Surratt has some of the best pursuit skills of this years linebacker group. Surratt is a above average athlete with exceptional range. His pedal may be the most fluid I’ve studied in this years class. When Surratt sees an open gap, he doesn’t hesitate, he hits it like a missle. Huge TFL potential at the next level. With that being said the former UNC QB is till a bit new and raw to the position so he has a lot more to learn. With the right coaching, Surratt could be one of the most productive linebackers of this class.
  46. Trevon Moehrig (S) TCU- Some of the best ball hawking skills of the entire class. Moehrig is a pure single high safety. His ability to inside the numbers is truly impressive. Flourishes in zone coverage. Would like to see him become a more consistent tackler, and improve his run defense. Once those aspects of his game improve, sky’s the limit for him.
  47. Greg Newsome II (CB) Northwestern- Newsome is a high IQ corner who uses his brain and technique to win against receivers. He is a 6’1 physical cornerback that’ll be attached to your hip without being too grabby. Effective in the run game as well. Biggest question marks surrounding Newsome II are, can he stay on the field, and can he become a more consistent finisher? Only time will tell but those are two big question marks that will needed to be answered.
  48. Mac Jones (QB) Alabama- It’s probably unfair to have Mac Jones this low on my top 100, but i just can’t help it. Alabama QBs just haven’t cut it in the NFL. Mac Jones possesses the brains and command of the huddle to surely break that mold. Jones comes into the draft as a great arm talent, but not elite. Throws a pretty ball. Puts beautiful touch on 99% of his throw balls. Jones is the most accurate passer in the draft by far. The problems that lie with Jones is arm strength, mobility, and athleticism. Will he be able to escape the pocket and improvise when a play break down? That was yet to be seen, but if so Jones could have a fantastic career.
  49. Landon Dickerson (IOL) Alabama- Dickerson is one of my favorite prospects in the entire class. I love the ferocity and attitude he plays with. I’m a real sucker for guys who play with an edge. The 6’6 326 lb mammoth of a man is as strong as any lineman in the draft. Though not a top class athlete, he is quick out of his stance. If he gets a hold of his defender first, they’re done with and there’s no chance they get by him. Dickerson possesses above average instincts, hand power, and body control. Though I love Dickerson as a player, it’s hard to ignore his long injury history. God willing, if he can remain healthy for the majority of his career, Dickerson could have the best career of any IOL in the class.
  50. Andre Cisco (S) Syracuse- Out of all the defensive backs I’ve evaluated this year, Cisco has the best ball skills. Guy is a natural ball hawk. He like Surtain II is a punch out artist as well. Has the ideal size and build for the position. Cisco has mastered the “robber technique”. Blessed with springy feet with above average burst and fluid mobility. Tackling inconsistency has been the biggest downfall of cisco according to most draft analyst. I to believe he can work on his technique at tad, but he is a willing tackler so that’s promising. Coming off an ACL injury this season, the main goal is for Cisco to get and stay healthy. If he can stay healthy and improve his tackling technique, he’ll be the best safety of this class.
  51. Aaron Robinson (CB) UCF
  52. Jay Tufele (IDL) USC
  53. Amon-Ra St. Brown (WR) USC
  54. Joseph Ossai (DE) Texas
  55. Kenneth Gainwell (RB) Memphis
  56. Nico Collins (WR) Michigan
  57. Zaven Collins (LB) Tulsa
  58. Daviyon Nixon (IDL) Iowa
  59. Dlyan Moses (LB) Alabama
  60. Samuel Cosmi (OT) Texas
  61. Patrick Jones II (DE) Pittsburgh
  62. Hunter Long (TE) Boston College
  63. Dyami Brown (WR) UNC
  64. Pat Freiermuth (TE) Penn State
  65. Alex Leatherwood (OT) Alabama
  66. Israel Mukuamu (CB) South Carolina
  67. Tyson Campbell (CB) Georgia
  68. Brevin Jordan (TE) Miami
  69. Asante Samuel Jr (CB) Florida State
  70. Josh Myers (IOL) Ohio State
  71. Tylan Wallace (WR) Oklahoma State
  72. Hamsah Nasirildeen (S) Florida State
  73. Cameron McGrone (LB) Michigan
  74. Joshuah Bledsoe (S) Missouri
  75. Pete Werner (LB) Ohio State
  76. Rodarius Williams (CB) Oklahoma State
  77. Elijah Molden (CB) Washington
  78. Jackson Carman (OT) Clemson
  79. Richie Grant (S) UCF
  80. Talanoa Hufanga (S) USC
  81. Tommy Togiai (IDL) Ohio State
  82. D’Wayne Eskridge (WR) Western Michigan
  83. Ronnie Perkins (DE) Oklahoma
  84. Benjamin St-Juste (CB) Minnesota
  85. Paris Ford (S) Pittsburgh
  86. Spencer Brown (OT) Northern Iowa
  87. Baron Browning (LB) Ohio State
  88. Tyler Shelvin (IDL) LSU
  89. Tommy Tremble (TE) Notre Dame
  90. Elijah Moore (WR) Ole Miss
  91. Jamin Davis (LB) Kentucky
  92. Osa Odighizuwa (IDL) UCLA
  93. Quincy Roche (DE) Miami
  94. Jermar Jefferson (RB) Oregon State
  95. Jaelon Darden (WR) North Texas
  96. Marlon Tuipulotu (IDL) USC
  97. Joe Tryon (DE) Washington
  98. Amari Rodgers (WR) Clemson
  99. Demetric Felton (WR) UCLA
  100. Walker Little (OT) Stanford

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