Five Head Coaching Candidates That Should Entice The Philadelphia Eagles

12 January 2021 Opinion Philadelphia Eagles

So it finally happened. The Philadelphia Eagles have parted ways with former head coach Doug Pederson yesterday afternoon after a long a gruesome wait and media bashing of the coaching, front office, and organization as a whole. Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie said in his press conference yesterday that Pederson didnt “deserve” to be fired but the move would actually benefit both parties, which I ultimately agree with.

Pederson will land on his feet and land a head coaching gig somewhere without issue, and even possibly this week with the rumors of him landing the New York Jets head coaching job.

In the end this was the right thing to do for both parties and it’s time to move on to a new voice, culture, and attitude in this organization. With that being said, there are 5 names that the Eagles should undoubtedly seek for their new head coaching job. Below will be the names and why I believe they should be hired.

1. Brian Daboll

Daboll is the current offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills. He has almost all the responsibilities on the offensive side of the ball. Though Brandon Beane, the Buffalo Bills GM has given Daboll weapons throughout the entire offense, Daboll has created an offense which is one of the best in the NFL. He is also the reason Josh Allen is now arguably one of the best QB’s in the league. Just imagining what Daboll could do for the Eagles, Carson Wentz, and this offense is exciting. To me this is a DREAM hire.

2. Robert Saleh

Robert Saleh is the current defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers. What he has brought to the 49ers as a DC is eye popping. The “word” is that he basically mimicked Pete Carroll’s “box” defense from Seattle and replicated it in San Francisco, which may of been true in the beginning, but he turned it into a multi faceted and well balanced defense. Despite a multiple number of injuries, the 49ers finished 7th in run defense, 4th in pass defense, and 5th in total defense. Last but not least, the fiery passion he coaches with makes it hard not to love the guy. He brings energy and excitement, his players respect him, he has a history of succeeding with the players he’s dealt, and his ability to adapt on the fly is well documented. Being able to pick some assistant coaches from Kyle Shanahan’s team including Mike Lafleur (Passing Coordinator) Kris Kocurek (DL Coach) and Demeco Ryans (LB Coach) would be a plus as well. It’s rare for Jeffrey Lurie to go the defensive route, but Saleh has the leadership qualities you seek in a head coach. The Eagles have currently requested permission to the 49ers to interview Saleh.

3. Joe Brady

Brady is currently the offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers. People may think this hire may be a bit of a reach, but I see it much more as a Sean Mcvay type hiring. Brady is known as one of the youngest and brightest offensive minds in football. His play calling and play design is one up to date, and two creative as it gets. Despite the Panthers missing McCaffrey majority of the season, the panthers are averaging just under 25 points a game. Not to knock Teddy Bridgewter by any means, but imagine an offense where Joe Brady is calling the shots for a Carson Wentz or Jalen Hurts ran offense. This hire is a stretch, but from the press conference Jeffrey Lurie gave, the Eagles could be in line for a “competitive” rebuild and bringing in a young first time head coach with a bright offensive mind makes a lot of sense. The offensive potential Joe Brady presents this team is endless.

4. Brandon Staley

Brandon Staley is currently the defensive coordinator for the LA Rams. Staley in my opinion could be a dark horse hire. Much like Joe Brady, Staley is a young rising coordinator that would be a young first time head coaching hire that could make sense for a “competitive” rebuild. Staley comes from the Vic Fangio tree. Staley has led the Rams defense to continuous success. The Rams were 4th in points surrendered, 2nd in yards surrendered, and 1st in second half points allowed and total defense. The rams were actually close to setting an NFL record of least points allowed in the 2nd half. Being an ex collegiate quarterback, he brought a different look to that side of the ball for Sean McVay’s Rams. Staley’s true coaching strenght is getting everything out of his players. He strives in learning the ins and outs of all of his guys and utilizes their strengths and limits their weaknesses. There’s an outside chance the Eagles would hire him, but I sure would not be mad about it. Being able to persuade some of McVay’s assistant coaches to come along with him including Eric Henderson(DL coach), Aubrey Pleasant(DB coach), and Eric Yarber (WR coach) would be a bonus.

5. Eric Bieniemy

Eric Bieniemy is currently the Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator. Bieniemy is the most realistic hire of the group for many reasons. First and foremost he’s from the Andy Reid coaching tree. The Eagles have a history of hiring coaches in which they have a relationship with in some matter. This relationship would of course be Andy Reid, but now also John Dorsey. Dorsey has spoken highly of Bieniemy on multiple occasions and was said to be paired with eachother of Dorsey were to be hired elsewhere as a GM. Secondly he’s an immaculate play caller and offensive mind. He is said to be the current play caller in Kansas City and if that’s the case, I don’t need to pull out the stats of how effective that offense is. Multiple players including Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Damian Williams and Tyreek Hill have spoken HIGHLY of Bieniemy and his ability to call plays, lead a group of men, and adapt on the fly. There hasn’t been a report of the Eagles requested an interview for Bieniemy yet, because they can’t because they are in the playoffs and playing this week. Jeffrey Lurie said he will not rush the coaching search, which leads me to believe that he has his eyes set on bringing Bieniemy in for an interview immediately after their season is finished. Bieniemy would be a slam dunk hire for the Eagles

We are in for a long and grueling ride throughout this head coaching search. They may hire one of these 5 coaches, or they may not, but these coaches are coaches you have leadership qualities and have success at their current positions and make a whole lot of sense for the Eagles moving foward.

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