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Report: Eagles QB Carson Wentz wants out if he’s not starter

20 December 2020 Uncategorized

 Doesn’t ESPN and Adam Schefter love stirring the pot every Sunday morning? 

Well, the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback controversy just got a little more controversial. It seems benching Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurts rightfully upset Wentz but now, if he’s not starting he wants out. 

Make no mistakes about it, Wentz was bad this season and rightfully benched. As a competitor, it’s only natural to be upset. However, being a competitor, you don’t want to fight for your spot, you’re just going to give up?

Last week against the New Orleans Saints, we saw a much better offense under Hurts. His dual threat ability worked well to the Eagles advantage and the whole offense looked fresh. 

To say Wentz is displeased how things have unfolded and wants out if he isn’t the starter is kind of a shock. Especially with that news coming out right now. It’s almost like the Eagles and Wentz want to manufacture a market for him. That could be reading too far into it but it’s just a bizarre report to report right now. 

What most people don’t realize is Wentz carries $33 million in dead cap if traded. It’s not as easy as in madden. If he does get beat out by Hurts next season, the Eagles will have to find a team willing to take his contract on. For the Eagles it’s a very tough situation to be in.

Our main focus today is winning and only winning. The Eagles are in a position to make some playoff noise with a win today and the other teams losing. This report will be a huge story this offseason so gear up for a crazy one.