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Three Head Coaching and GM Candidates who could eventually replace Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman

15 December 2020 Eagles News

We’re in week 15 and it’s looking unlikely that we reach the playoffs. Doug and his playcalling has been abysmal this season, and Howie Roseman continues to strike out on draft picks. Something’s gotta give. Whether it’s only Pederson, Roseman, or both, Jeffery Lurie has to put his foot down and get this organization back on track.

If Lurie were to relieve Pederson of his duties, there are three names that should immediately be on the Eagles radar.

  1. Brian Daboll- Daboll is the current offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills. He has almost all the responsibilities on the offensive side of the ball. Though Brandon Beane, the Buffalo Bills GM has given Daboll weapons throughout the entire offense, Daboll has created an offense which is one of the best in the NFL. He is also the reason Josh Allen is now arguably one of the best QB’s in the league. Just imagining what Daboll could do for the Eagles, Carson Wentz, and this offense is exciting.
  2. Matt Eberflus- Eberflus is the current defensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts. I know, I know. Jeffrey Lurie will never hire a defensive minded coach. Well I tell you what, he 100% should. If you look at all of the most successful coaches in the NFL currently and in the past, they’re defensive minded guys. Eberflus is a high energy and passionate coach you gets the best out his players and expects no less than their best efforts. He has taken the league by storm. The colts Defense has been in the top 6 in almost every category since his arrival to the Colts back in 2018. Eberflus is credited with instilling an ultra demanding culture of hustle, discipline and teamwork. You pair that up with a top of the line offensive coordinator to run your offense and you’re good to go. https://youtu.be/ouMdfYkFPy4
  3. Joe Brady- Brady is currently the offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers. People may think this hire may be a bit of a reach, but I see it much more as a Sean Mcvay type hiring. Brady is known as one of the youngest and brightest offensive minds in football. His play calling and play design is one up to date, and two creative as it gets. Despite the Panthers missing McCaffrey majority of the season, the panthers are averaging just under 25 points a game. Not to knock Teddy Bridgewter by any means, but imagine an offense where Joe Brady is calling the shots for a Carson Wentz or Jalen Hurts ran offense. This hire is a stretch, but the offensive potential this team could have with Brady as the HC is endless.

The time for Howie Roseman being the GM is ticking and I feel Jeffery Lurie should end that clock at the end of the season. If Lurie were to do so, these three candidates should jump off the page.

  1. Ed Dodds- Dodds is currently the Vice President of Player Personnel of the Indianapolis Colts. To me this would be the one hire that completely changes this organization for the better. Dodds being the right hand man of Chris Ballard, who is arguably one of the best Gm’s in the game would be a huge get for this organization. The amount of draft picks those two have hit on together, and the cap situation they have been able to maintain is admirable. Dodds has a great eye for talent and that’s exactly what this time is missing.
  2. John Dorsey- Dorsey is the former GM of the Browns and Chiefs. The one thing I’ll say about Dorsey is that he is an aggressive and passionate football mind. He has a track record of hitting home run picks in the early, mid, and late rounds. For example, no one in their wildest dreams thought Patrick Mahomes would be who is he today, but Dorsey saw that vision and took a shot on him. Dorsey is also responsible for the selections Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Kareem Hunt, Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, Austin Corbett, and Nick Chubb. The guy just has a knack for hitting on draft picks, and again that’s exactly what we need for this team moving foward.
  3. Mike Borgonzi- Borgonzi is currently the Director of Football Operations of the Kansas City Chiefs. We have here yet another Chris Ballard disciple. Which adds bonus points to any potential GM candidate in my eyes. Being apart of the current Chiefs regime is also an added benefit learning up Brett Veach. Borgonzi was a scout for 11 years and worked his way up the ladder. He had 6 promotions in 10 years. He is known as a top notch talent evaluator who had a hands on approach during draft nights. Which I’m a fan of. I feel a draft room should be a team effort not one man calling the show, aka Howie Roseman.

All of these candidates I’ve discussed would all be highly touted hires. This is all hypotheticals but I can bet my bottom dollar majority of Philadelphia would love to see any of these hires becoming a reality.


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