Three keys to the game: Eagles vs. Saints

13 December 2020 Eagles News

 It’s a new era in Philadelphia, well at least for this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. 

Jalen Hurts is starting for the Eagles today as they take on the Saints. The Saints are bringing the number one rated defense, this will be a true test for the rookie. Luckily for him, does he have nothing to lose, he’s playing a team that can’t really game plan too much for him. 

Being 3-8-1, there’s only so much you can do to a superior team like the Saints. For us, we just want to see some positive football. The last two weeks have been really poor, any positive signs are welcomed. However, if the Eagles are to win, here’s the three things that need to happen. 

  1. Use the run game 

You have a rookie quarterback making his first start. And, he’s a dual threat quarterback who can run as well. Not only is the run game going to help him settle in, he’ll be able to have opportunities in the game to use his legs as well. Miles Sanders has barely been used the last two games, it’s times to cut his loose tonight. A big game from him will do great things for the Eagles today. 

2. Limit turnovers 

All season, the Eagles have put themselves in huge holes because they’ve turned the ball over constantly. You do not win when your offense is only hanging the defense out to dry. A clean game offensively will help the defense out a lot. And, against a team like the Saints, that’s going to be more important than ever. 

3. Let the rook get freaky 

Jalen Hurts can make things happen. Let him go out there and just play ball. Use his legs and just simply make plays. Sometimes the unpredictable is a good thing and with a play maker like Hurts, you just have to let him go out there and ball. 

For the first time in a while, there’s actually excitement surrounding an Eagles game. In reality, we’re not playing for anything except the future. Let’s see some of the young guys ball out today. As always, you don’t cheer to lose, so let’s get the win. 

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