How does Carson Wentz trust this organization again?

9 December 2020 Eagles News

We’re in week 14, and this Eagles organization couldn’t look like more of a mess than it is.

Jalen Hurts gets the start this weekend in Philadelphia against the New Orleans Saints, and Carson Wentz gets put on the bench.

Doug released Pandora’s box with making this decision. Not that it was the wrong or right decision, but every decision comes with consequences and this decision could back fire on this organization and fast.

How does Carson Wentz trust this organization moving foward? Howie Roseman drafted a quarterback in the 2nd round, and was told he was still the franchise quarterback to only get benched by Doug Pederson in week 13 in a playoff race. Granted Wentz hasn’t played good enough to be in the game, but you basically told Wentz, we don’t believe in you to get it together this year, so it’s time for you to ride the pine. Pederson and the organization made a decision that essentially could shock their future. Who is to say Hurts doesnt come in and plays terribly? What if Wentz has finally had enough of the constant lies and broken promises of this team and organization? What if Carson’s trust can’t be restored in this team for basically writing him off and not sticking with him leading this team during this rough season? Carson Wentz is basically being scapegoated for the ENTIRE teams failures this season.

I think this relationship between Wentz and the Eagles is broken and won’t/can’t be fixed and truly believe a change of scenery for Wentz is necessary and will happened by 2022. What they have put Wentz through since 2018 from the constant lack of ability to surround him with talent to now benching him for the rookie he was told not to worry about is terrible, and he deserves much better than this.

Wentz haters, don’t cry boo who when he is in another uniform and wins a SB elsewhere. The league knows Wentz is talented and used incorrectly, and there are a handful a teams hoping this situation falls apart so they can swoop in and steal this guy.


Photo Creds: News Bug